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10 Facts about Sleep You Didn’t Know About

A giraffe only needs 1.9 hours of sleep a day, whereas a brown bat needs 19.9 hours a day

Humans spend 1/3 of their life sleeping

12% of people dream entirely in black and white

Before colour television was introduced, only 15% of people dreamt in colour whilst older people dream in black and white more often than younger people. It’s all here in this study.

The record for the longest period without sleep is 11 days. This was set by a Californian student named Randy Gardner in 1964. This is definitely not recommended, however, as Randy experienced extreme sleep deprivation and others have died staying awake for this long.

The sensation of falling when half asleep and jerking yourself awake is called ‘hypnic jerks’ – No-one is totally sure why hypnic jerks occur but they are deemed to be perfectly healthy. However, they may be increased by anxiety, caffeine or physical activity close to bedtime. They are more frequent in young people and decrease as we get older.

Parasomnia is a term that refers to unnatural movements during your sleep – Some people have even committed crime due to parasomnia, including sleep driving and even murder.


It’s thought that up to 15% of the population are sleepwalkers – This is according to the National Sleep Foundation. It’s also a myth that you shouldn’t wake someone who is sleepwalking.

Sleep deprivation will kill you more quickly than food deprivation – Neither are good for you, obviously, some research say that sleep is actually more important than food in the short term as sleep deprivation can be lethal

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Within 5 minutes of waking up, 50% of your dream is forgotten – After an additional 5 minutes, 90% of recollection is gone. Sigmund Freud believed this was because dreams represent our repressed thoughts and so our brain wants to get rid of them quickly. However, it’s much more likely due to our brains simply being used much more as soon as we’re awake and so we forget much of what we’ve dreamed about.

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