10 Signs You’re Not At All Ready For A Relationship

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Is it time to take a break from the search for a partner?

If you find yourself frustrated and unsuccessful in dating, it could be that you are really not ready for a relationship. You may feel a bit lonely or feel the pressure of family or peers to be a couple, but you may want to consider if being single for now is the better option for you.

You may want to take time off from dating or re-evaluate if it is realistic for you to be in a serious relationship. Perhaps embrace single life and its benefits. Here are the 10 signs you are not ready for a relationship and being single might be best for you right now.

1. You frequently list all the unappealing characteristics of men your age.

Your focus is on the opposite s*x letting themselves go physically such as having a beer belly or protruding nose hair instead of looking for a fit and toned partner.

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