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13 benefits of early morning s€x you may not know about

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These benefits of early morning sex should prompt you to be the one making kalabit in the mornings!

It enhances arousalIt enhances arousal
If morning sex doesn’t happen often in your marriage, getting frisky first thing could be an intensely arousing experience. Mornings are usually a rush of getting the kids ready, fixing baon, and cramming. Having a quickie before all of that can be very fulfilling.Dr. Cruz says that anything out of the ordinary for your sex life (that’s acceptable to both of you) can create intense arousal, which leads to a better relationship.

You can brag about it to your squad
Who doesn’t want to have a hot, sexy husband who’s all about pleasing you first thing in the morning? Getting it on just when you both wake up means you’ll remember it the entire day—especially if it was mind-blowing.Won’t it be something hot to tell the girlfriends over brunch?

It counts as exercise
For weight watchers, this is one of the great benefits of early morning sex. You can burn up to 74 calories in just 15 minutes! If your husband needs more exercise, he can burn up to 112 calories in the same amount of time.Read: 9 quick and easy sex positions to burn caloriesPerhaps that morning bout of sex could be the best time for a new, intense position?

Makes you glow
Whether you’re going to work or back to bed, your post-coital glow is going to make you simply gorgeous! Sex raises your blood pressure the natural way and improves circulation. This means plumper lips and better skin.

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