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The President’s Daughter And I Episode 9

Episode 9

I closed up the distance to my room and found someone standing in front of my room… next thing i heard was…
Mirabel: Hi Victor
Me: (Like seriously? am i dreaming or what?? Mirabel??? How did she even locate my room???) Hi Mirabel
Mirabel: Hhmmm… he even knows my name
Me: Yes i do, what are u doing here?
Mirabel: Just to talk
Me: About what?
Mirabel: Why do u hate me?
Me: *Laughing in my mind I don’t know what you’re talking about
Mirabel: Really?
Me: Yea
Mirabel: Why don’t u talk to me then? u make friends with people, those girls and all, while u snub me whenever u walk pass. And you’re also trying to make me look like a fool in the class by answering questions with more details whenever i attempted… tell me why you’re being like this? Yet people say you’re cool.
Me: (Chai! Where do i start from?) Listen, i have no negative intention towards u at all… everything u just said is coincidental i must say. I mean, i don’t even know u so… why would i be mean towards u? Its crazy, it doesn’t make any sense.
Mirabel: What about the snubbing?
Me: Well, that… i dunno, just that i don’t want to be embarrassed or even feel embarrassed at all.
Mirabel: What do u mean by that?
Me: U know i’m talking about class, sophistication. I saw how u treat those guys,,, made me think you’re arrogant.
Mirabel: Can we go to somewhere and talk?
Me: U mean now?
Mirabel: Yea
Me: I just got here, i need to rest little
Mirabel: May i come in?
Me: (What?! Sh!t No!) See, uhmm… how about we talk some other time? I really need to rest now
Mirabel: Very well then…. its ok, and ermm… sorry for coming unannounced.
*My phone rings*

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Me: Its okay…
Mirabel: Alright, see u around
Me: U too
She left with her bodyguards while i answer my call
Me: Hello
Lola: Hi handsome, are u on your way already?
Me: About to, let me just take care one or two things first
Lola: Ok, make sure u don’t eat anything before coming ok?
Me: What? Why??
Lola: Hey, easy there food lover, just don’t eat before coming over ok?
Me: Hhmmm… ok
Lola: Good boyy… take care of your whatever and come here ASAP
Me: Alright
*Hangs up*

See? This is exactly what i was trying to avoid in the first place… Promise!! See what your advise got me into?! I don’t want to go back to who i was with the girls… now its happening again. If person no fine, dem go say him no fine. If person know book na girlogical and sexaddiction problem, if him no know na academical and illiteracy problem. Chai!
I open my door, got in, off my clothes and removed everything in my pockets then saw the number that girl gave to me earlier. I don’t even know if i should call her or not, i just kept it one side hoping i would forget it.
So… that girl said i should not eat abi? I hope they have a better food for me ‘coz i don’t joke with my food at all. I took my bath and got myself ready to go there… the shoes i was supposed to wear, those yeye friends of mine took it already. I just dressed casually, took my accounting note and head out thats after i took a bottle of yoghurt with me, sipping it along the way.

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The bike guy dropped me in front of the gate, i paid him he zoomed off while i called Lola to inform her. She came out in less than a minute putting on a mini-shirt with a tight transparent short and gave me a tight hug, then ushered me in. Wow! Look at the environment filled with exotic cars, so beautiful with flowers all over, they got swimming pool, awesome! Thats something that’d motivate me to come next time ‘coz i love swimming. Walking with her to their lodge with her holding my arms like a girl welcoming her fiance to her parent’s house.
Getting closer, i sighted the 1st class wing, i didn’t get the full visuals though, but it was splendid.
We got into their apartment, i was like ‘students living in a family house?’
Cynthia rushed to give me a hug wearing a bra-like shirt with ah bum short chai! What is their plan?!
I sat down, as in they put me in their middle bombarding me gists, u know erm… this eh… that this… that that bla bla bla…
ME: Ok ermm… lets get to business
Lola: Come on… u just got here
Cynthia: And its your first time of coming here. So… we have to treat you well don’t u think?
To My People, I Extend The Question To Y’all, What Do U Think??.
☆☆☆ To Be Continued ☆☆☆

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