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How To Stop Snoring and Remedies to Improve Sleeping Quality in Long Term

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Snoring is not an uncommon phenomenon – it happened to all of us, at least once. But if it happens on a daily basis, then it’s a problem.

You feel tired and nervous, and your partner as well if you keep them awake all night, thus causing relationship problems in addition to health problems.

You find it hard to concentrate on your daily tasks, and more seriously, you are in greater risk of high blood pressure and heart conditions. Lucky for you (and your partner) there are effective solutions that can put a stop on this annoying nightly habit.

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What happens in our bodies when we snore?

According to National Sleep Foundation 1, approximately 90 million Americans snore, while 37 million snores regularly. People who are overweight, people who have enlarged tonsils or tongue are more likely to snore. In addition to that, the older you get, the more likely you are to snore, as your throat becomes narrower. Also, if you have sinus problems, smoke, consume alcohol, or sleep on your back regularly, you are more prone to snoring.

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Normally, when we sleep, the air we inhale goes through the mouth or nose all the way to the lungs. If this passage of air is partially blocked it causes the surrounding tissue of the soft palate and uvula to vibrate thus creating that familiar annoying snoring sound. When you are awake, the muscles in your throat hold the tissue and stop it from vibrating. However, when you sleep, those muscles relax, making it possible for you to snore.

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