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Press Your Fingers Like This To Heal Any Pain

Acupressure is an alternative medicine technique similar in principle to acupuncture. It is based on the concept of life energy which flows through “meridians” in the body. In treatment, physical pressure is applied with the aim of clearing blockages in these meridians. Pressure maybe applied by hand, by elbow or with various devices.

Acupressure relieves energy blockages. These energy blockages occur at the acupressure points. Acupressure uses gentle to firm finger pressure in the pressure points and meridians much like acupuncture does with the use of needles

As these acupressure points are stimulated, muscular tension releases, circulation of blood is promoted, and the body’s life force energy is enhanced to aid in healing.

1. Thumb
By applying pressure to your thumb you will be able to get rid of stomach pain or pains in the abdominal area. Also, thanks to this method you can reduce depression, anxiety,nervousness and sorrow.

2. Index finger
Apply pressure to the index finger in order to get rid of any kind of kidney or bladder related problems. This way you can also reduce fatigue, get rid of cramps, digestive system related problems and back pain.

3. Middle finger
Press your middle finger and hold it if you are dealing with problems with your nerves or liver problems. Also, this is a great way to overcome insecurity and stress. You can also improve your cardiovascular health; get rid of headache, menstrual pains and vision problems.

4. Ring finger
Apply pressure onto this finger in order to improve lungs and digestive tract related problems. You should probably overcome stress and breathing problems.

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5. Little finger
If you have heart problems, panic attacks, throat pain, bloating, bone related problems, anxiety and loneliness, then you should apply pressure to the little finger in order to overcome these problems.

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