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4 Health Problems That Can Be Cured by Orga3ms

Forget medication and s*x yourself to a healthier mind and body if you’re suffering from these aches and pains. S*x isn’t just pleasurable, it’s actually good for you health.

Reaching the big-O has a number of benefits, from helping you look younger to warding off disease.

A recent study, from Duke University, North Carolina, USA, claims that we should all be having around 200 orgasms annually to reap the benefits.

Next time you’re feeling under-the-weather, try getting a s*xual release before you reach for the pain relief meds.

Here are four common ailments that can be cured by s*x:

1. Headaches

Climaxing can soothe sore heads, especially if you’re suffering from migraines or cluster headaches.

According to a 2013 study, published in the journal Cephalalgia, you can clear your head no matter who your partner is, which position you use, or which type of s*x act you engage in.

But you do have to have a full orgasm to reap the pain-relieving benefits.

2. Hiccups

Intractable hiccups – ones that just won’t go away – can be cured by hitting the right spot during romps.

One healthy 40-year-old man made his incessant hiccups disappear for one year after he ejaculated during s*x.

And another study found women this works for women too. Research published in the Journal of Internal Medicine found that “digital rectal massage” and orgasms can alleviate hiccups.

This is apparently because the vagus nerve needs to be stimulated, and this is done during sex.

3. Morning sickness

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One health expert believes that women should perform oral sex to banish signs of morning sickness.

Gordon Gallup, a SUNY-Albany psychologist, thinks ladies should try a “hair of the dog” approach.

The sexpert claims that a woman’s body rejects the father’s semen at first, seeing it as an infection, so reacts to it by vomiting.

But by swallowing sperm she’ll become more immune to his seed, meaning the mum-to-be is less likely to suffer morning sickness during her next pregnancy – if the second child has the same dad as the first.

4. PMS cramps

Symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can be relieved, due to the release of oxytocin; a natural opiate with analgesic properties.

Judith Golden, a registered sex therapist from Canada, told Best Health magazine: “The strength and intensity of an orgasm can relieve cramps.”

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