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9 Facts About Sunday You Probably Don’t Know

Good morning Naijatweeters, it’s Sunday 🙂 Here are some interesting facts about this day:

  • In Hebrew, Arabic, Persian and related languages, the word ‘sunday’ means ‘first’.

  • The Greek name for Sunday is Κυριακή (Kyriake) which means “Lord’s Day”.

  • In French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian ‘sunday’ also means “Lord’s Day”. Derived from Latin; Dies Dominica.

  • The Russian word for Sunday is “Voskresenie,” meaning “Resurrection day”.

  • In some languages (Polish, Ukrainian) ‘sunday’ can be translated as “without acts”.

  • Sunday was the day of the Sun god in Roman culture. The days of the week were named after planets in Pagan origins.

  • Rome’s Emperor Constantine I decreed in 321 AD that Sunday would be observed as the Roman day of rest.

  • If a month begins on a Sunday it always has a ‘Friday the 13th’ in it.

  • In some countries (mostly in the Middle-East) the work week begins on Sunday.

Enjoy your sunday!

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