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Sorrows With Price Episode 1 [Story]

Sorrows with price
Episode One

It all started long ago with a woman named Romoke. She was an epitome of beauty, immensely rich with money, cars, houses and outstanding investments. She had a lot of wealthy friends in the flow and so much in the trend. A vibrant woman with values and virtue. Romoke was a classic woman at her early 30’s, having almost all the world to herself but still having a BUT.
Sponsored so many youths overseas to study, established a lot of business men and women. A crown on her head as an African adage will say is what was missing. So many suitors had come and left because of the deadly ailment she was battling with. Romoke had an unimaginable sore on her left arm. Been to so many physiotherapists but all to no avail. After times of frustration upon frustration, she decided to go the traditional way.

On that bright afternoon, Romoke drove into Baba Roti’s compound. Baba roti was an authentic herbalist. He welcomed her and lead her to the shrine. Romoke explained everything to Baba roti and he felt so much sympathy for her. After several minutes of consulting the oracles, Baba roti gave her two preferable solutions.
The first was that she should amputate the left arm or stop helping people with her wealth and position.

Romoke being a loving kind woman and an individual who dont want to be a one handed wife, drove out of baba roti’s compound furiously.
While you think out the two solutions and the best option or rather even suggest a better way out, I leave you in one peace as I drive out of episode one.

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