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Oh No! See Evans Reaction After Photo of His Wife and Kids Crying Are Shown to Him

The dreaded billionaire kidnapper, Chukwudubem Onwuamadike a.k.a Evans, was left stupefied after a photo of his crying wife and children was shown to him.
Billionaire kidnapper, Chukwudubem Onwuamadike a.k.a Evans has been left dumbfounded after seeing photos of his wife and kids crying and pleading for help.
This according to Vanguard, happened yesterday afternoon after it visited State Command of the Nigeria Police Force, Ikeja, were the dreaded criminal is being held.
The earlier impression was that the notorious gangster was being kept in a hidden location outside the headquarters. Clutching a copy of Saturday Vanguard’s Special Edition, which was an expose of the kingpin, the story of his father, how his mother was a major influence in his life, as  well as the plea by his Ghana-based wife and his children,  the reporter stepped into the building housing members of the equally dreaded Special Anti-Robbery team, SARS.
Just as the reporter made some flights of stairs towards the first floor,  he was confronted by fierce-looking and heavily armed policemen who were also descending the stairs.
His attention was immediately drawn to the man in their midst, who was gingerly toeing their steps. Behold, it turned out to be the notorious man of the moment, Evans, in leg chains.
The following conversation ensued:
Sunday Vanguard: Evans, (he raised his head eagerly looking at the reporter).
I just spoke with your wife and kids in Ghana.
Evans: It is not true.
It can’t be my wife.
Sunday Vanguard: (Showing him the front page of the copy of Saturday Vanguard with the photograph of his wife and kids weeping) Look at them here.
Your son in particular, crying his hearts out.
Evans: (He quickly retraced his steps, looked intently at the photograph).   Suddenly, his countenance changed.
(He became speechless upon seeing the photograph clearly).
Sunday Vanguard: Are the people in the photograph not your wife and kids?
Evans: (Looking downcast and in deep thought, maintained a studied silence).
Sunday Vanguard: Just look at what what you have done to your family. The many lives of innocent people you have ruined with your activities. Look at your beautiful kids crying their hearts out just for…
His hostile stare towards the reporter spoke volumes.
Were it possible, he would have grabbed the riffle from the  policemen and shot at the reporter.
Sunday Vanguard: Evans, you are a very wicked man. See what you have done to your family. This is judgement time.
Meanwhile, this encounter may appear smooth and easy, but it was more like passing through the eye of the needle  while it lasted because the policemen, though decorous, did not particularly  cooperate and were angry.
At this stage, the policemen pounced on the reporter with guns drawn for a kill.
“Oga, if you don want trouble, leave this place now. (They snatched the newspaper forcefully from the reporter and ordered one of their armed  colleagues  to escort him out to the gate).
As the reporter was being led out, it was noticed that the copy of Saturday Vanguard was being passed from one eager hand to another as they quickly threw Evans back to the cell where they were taken him to.

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