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Sorrows with price Episode 3[story]

Sorrows with price
Episode 3

Hey, young lady, its my pleasure meeting you, the pleasure is mine Romoke said. She glanced at him with a sexy look as she replied. He is handsome, tall with dimples, having a coiled hair and a straight face she said to herself. I will like to discern you lady, he said. My name is Romoke and am the manager of this company. Well am Francis, from Lagos, I work at a little firm in Lagos. I came here to finish our annual lectures. She was impressed with the guys’ personality so much that when he asked her for a date, she said a reluctant but desperate yes.
Wonderful place you brought me, thanks so much, Romoke disclosed. Am really happy you like it. They both held each others hand, like two little love birds, about kissing each other, suddenly a sense wind blew and they came out of their shinning shadows. They both fell in love. Day after day, the love grew stronger than she had ever felt in her past encounters. He bought her wonderful roses planted by the river side and the scent smells like the angelic fragrant, life was never sweeter.
Sir please I will advice you leave this hospital with your wife since you can’t afford or even pay your bills. The chief doctor said you should vacate the ward in the next two hours. Mr Ranchi called Romoke but she knew the reason for the call, so she didn’t pick. Mr Ranchi took his wife home, trying to hold back the tears pumping through his heart, he would have helped the situation if it were to be the time he was still in service, he said to himself as tears rolled down his face.
The sickness grew worse, the mother was in serious pains that she struggled to call her daughter, unlike before when she usually bounce the call, this time around she picked. Romo please dont let me die like this was what the mother muttered and hung up the phone.
Romoke was carried away by Francis kind gestures and her love for him. She totally forgot all the sacrifices her mother had gone through for her when she was growing up. What a life of distress and disappointment, Mr Ranchi said while looking at his wife where she was sleeping with discomfort.

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