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Sorrows with price Episode 4 [story]

Sorrows with price
Episode 4

Living a life within the limitations and struggle of lugubrious happenings, brings an atmosphere of total hope loss. All this was the conclusion of Mr Ranchi. He was suffering from high blood pressure, the circumstances he found himself worsened everything. Romoke feeling happy with the love of her life. After spending two weeks in Abu Dhabi with Francis for their holidays. It took Romoke several years to get a man like Francis, she never want to toil with him, what a life now.
Please sir, just give me time, I will pay your rent at the end of the month, Mr Ranchi told his landlord. The landlord told him to evacuate the building if he doesn’t meet up with the agreement, then he left. Mr Ranchi became restless after that day, considering his sick wife in the room, no more enough provision to take care of her. All this made him to come to a conclusion of working as a cleaner in one of the shopping mall in town. Receiving ten thousand naira every month, he spent the little he earned on his sick wife and feeding. His clothe got old, sold some of his wife belongings and all his shoes. The landlord came at the end of the month with his agent and lawyer, asked them to leave the building immediately. Mr Ranchi being a foreigner didn’t know where to go with his terribly sick wife.
Roaming about the street like a clueless being, moving from place to place, couldn’t get a shelter, he decided to go to Mane’s place, his friend. On getting there, he had travelled and his wife wouldn’t let them in to her home. Madam please, just allow my wife to sleep here while I look for an alternative shelter but she refused. Hmmm at least I have a daughter, let me go to her place, she can’t be so wicked to chase me and her mother away, he concluded.
Romoke please open the gate he shouted from the brim of the fence, please I beg of you, we are dying. Romoke heard their voice outside but didn’t open the gate, they decided to seat at the main entrance of the house till she decides to come outside. Sometimes in existence, you dont get things where you want it.

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