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Top 6 Most Notorious Criminals In Nigeria’s History

Nigeria as a nation has had its fair share of insecure times, when hoodlums, bandits and dreaded criminals threatened the lives of citizens.

Below are 5 of the most notorious criminals in Nigeria’s history.

1. Baddo of Ikorodu

The number 5 position is jointly shared by two notorious criminals who for too long terrorized Lagos state, Baddo and Godogo. Baddo was infamous for molesting children and women, with robbery as part of the crimes that made him dreaded within Ikorodu.

For too long, this notorious criminal terrorized residents of Ikorodu and there seemed to be nothing the police could do to keep him behind bars, for the police would always release the deadly miscreant some days after they apprehend him. This continued until sometime in June when the police released him after a brief stay in their custody.
The residents of Ikorodu reportedly mustered courage lynched Baddo and set him ablaze, they will have no more of his terror. On his part, was a prominent armed robber in the South-western part of Nigeria who eluded security operatives over the years, killing and miming many who he came in contact with.

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