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My Endless Memory Season 1 Episode 2

My Endless Memory
(The stranger)
Season 1
Episode 2
Read Episode 1
Mrs Stanley was the only one remaining at the dining table. She stood up when a maid arrived to clearn up the table. The maid dressed traditionally unlike Adam. She tied a red short wrapper on her waist and another on her chest. Her abdomen and thighs could be clearly seen looking attractive. However, she is extremely beautiful. Mrs Stanley looked through the window and saw Steve still with Celestina but at that time, he was still on a phone call.

“Judeson, the man!” Steve shouted on the phone. “Mehn, you are sounding so exhausted, what’s the problem?”
“Guy, i just came down from a mountain” Judeson replied.

“Yes, very high mountain”
Steve thought for a while then understood he was talking about coming down from a woman, so he laughed and said, “Judo! Must you climb any mountain you see and must it be everyday?”
“I’m still young and fresh, guy. Anyways, i heard you are traveling tomorrow”

“I’ll be there to see you”
“One love, guy. Keep climbing mountains”
“That’s it, mehn!” they laughed and hung up the call.
Celestina only giggled holding Steve tightly as they continued strolling around the compound. At that point, Mrs Stanley smiled and left the window. The giggling lingered on Celestina’s throat thereby making Steve wonder why.

“Come on, girl, what’s amusing you?”
“Mountain is amusing me” Celestina replied and Steve began to giggle too.
“So you know what that means?”
“Why won’t i? You mean your friend just climbed down from a woman.. sorry, from a mountain and he told you?”

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“Yes, he does that like everyday”
“And also tells you like everyday?!”
“Gush! Men are all the same. You hardly see a girl tell her fellow girl about her sex life”

That’s why girls are difficult to be understood”
Celestina stopped and looked into his eyes. “How?” she asked.

“You see dear..” Steve kept walking with her. “Why it seems like women are difficult to understand is because they hardly express their feelings and mostly keep secrets. Also, they prefer communicating through body signs than their mouths”

“Is a lie!” Celestina objected and they laughed. “That’s by the way, hope you won’t forget me when you leave for England tomorrow”
“No, I’m only going to stay for two days”
“Just that I’m gonna miss you” Celestina held him round the waist.

“But I’m not gonna stay long. Is okay” Steve reciprocated.
As Mrs Stanley opened her husband’s door to enter, so as Adam was on his way going out.
“Prof, are you going to bed?” Mrs Stanley asked.
“Yes, Madam. I no longer want to be in the state of hallucination” Adam replied.
“Hmm.. whatever, good night” Mrs Stanley closed the door smiling.
Adam met the maid still at the dining table. He stared at her butt for a while and her dressing then he folded his two arms looking at the ceiling. “God!” he shouted thereby drawing the maid’s attention.
“Aahh, Prof, what is it?” she asked.

“My dear, why can’t you metamorphose with the global universe where the philosophy of pragmatism and realism inline with science and technology have made a better place?”
“Prof, i don’t understand”
“Just look at your dressing, you have to follow the modern world!”
The maid looked at herself and wore a sore face. “But this is what they said i should wear nah!”
“That’s by the way..” Adam adjusted closer and brought down his voice. “Can we juxtapose ourselves tonight?”

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“Hia.. Prof, please, i don’t have your time tonight. Which one is juxtapose again? Abeg, good night” the maid walked out shaking her buttocks.
Adam shook his head negatively. “People perish due to lack of knowledge” he concluded and put back the stick into his mouth moving toward his room. Just then, Steve walked in.
“Prof, going to bed?”

Hearing that, prof turned. “Yes, young master” he glanced at the door. “Has Celestina left?” he asked.
“Yes” Steve replied. “Why asking?”
“You know young master, that girl sees something in your eyes when ever she looks into them”
“What does she see?”
“She sees a loganberry which she would like to eat forever”

Steve giggled. “Prof, i don’t know what that means and i don’t want to know” he began to run upstairs. “Good night, prof!” his voice echoed from the staircase.
Celestina got to their local home just to see a guy, Justice standing with her mother at the door. Justice is a taxi driver who had been asking her hand in marriage but she refused only because he didn’t have much money to take care of her as she claims. Mrs Henry, her mother saw her coming from afar. “Here, she comes” she said then Justice adjusted his cap and a bag in his hand. He also looked at his dressing if he’s well to do. Just then, Celestina approached closer looking at both of them.

“Mother, what’s going on here? Why are both of you standing as if you want to arest me?”
“My Cele-baby..” Justice began.
“Hey, hold it there!” Celestina rebuked..

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