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My Endless Memory Season 1 Episode 3

(The stranger)
Season 1
Episode 3
Justice startled after the sudden irate exhibited by Celestina. Even Mrs Henry adjusted backward.
“Who is your Cele baby?!” Celestina continued. “I have warned you severally to stop coming to my place!”
“But you should have at least listen to what he has to say” the mother spoke up.

“Mother, i don’t want to listen to anybody. Just allow me to pass” Celestina forcefully passed in between them into the house and began to remove her shoes. There was nothing Justice could do but to wear a piteous face looking at Celestina through the door.
“My son, you have to let her be for now” Mrs Henry told him.

“Is okay, ma’am” Justice closed the bag in his hand and began to walk out. Then Mrs Henry entered and sat down quietly looking at her daughter with her hands folded.

“Celestina, Celestina! How many times have i called you? Mind the way you treat and talk to people because nobody knows tomorrow”
Celestina looked at her mother. “Mother, it seems you like poverty” she said.
“And who told you Justice is poor? Defined poverty”
Just then, Faith the immediate younger sister to Celestina walked out wearing a bomshort and a singlet. She has a fair complexion looking beautiful. She sat down beside their mother and folded her hands too.

“Marriage is all about happiness” Mrs Henry continued.
“Happiness without money?” Celestina asked. “Have you seen anybody happy without money? Look at this house, it’s still the same way father left it before he died” she stood up.

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“Wait wait wait, is this about Justice again?” Faith interfered but Celestina didn’t look back as she entered her room. “Mother, don’t mind her, i believe she will regret this one day” Faith concluded and went back to her room too.

Steve stood before a standing mirror in his room dressing up for the trip to England. Judeson, his friend was already there with him sitting on the bed. He has a black charming complexion with beards on his jaw.
“So which mountain are you planning to climb today?” Steve broke the silence still looking at the mirror.
“I don’t know yet, guy” Judeson replied. “That reminds me, what about that your girl, Celestina?” he added. Just then, Steve’s phone rang-Celestina was calling, so he picked.
“Hi, dear.. Good morning” Celestina greeted on the phone.
“Morning, how are you?” Steve smiled.
“Fine, hope you’re preparing to leave”
“Okay, safe journey my rib”
“Alright, bye” Steve dropped the call looking confused.
“What’s wrong?” Judeson asked seeing the expression on his face.
“That was actually the person you were asking me about, Celestina” Steve replied. “But there is what she called me now that’s getting me confused” he added.
“What’s it?”
“She called me her rib. What does that mean?”
Judeson began to laugh. “That’s the sign, guy!” he shouted and sat properly at the edge of the bed. “That simply means the girl is looking at you with different eyes which obviously is not a friendship”
Steve turned to the mirror again smiling. “Prof said similar thing yesterday but the truth is that we have been like that”
“Does that mean you don’t love her? Coz she will be the next mountain to climb” they laughed.
Steve, Adam, Judeson, Mr and Mrs Stanley were all outside the compound as Steve was about to be driven to the airport by a driver.
“Safe Journey, son” the mother said.
“Remember, two days” the father added.
“Alright” Steve replied.
Adam wore a white caftan still with his chewing stick. “Excuse me young master” he said. “Please, be no repellent middlesome to anybody, rather act altruistically”
“Okay, i will, prof” Steve smiled and entered into the car.
Still at the airport, one could see him entering an airplane. Few minutes later, the aeroplane took off.
There were local buildings made with fabrics in a particular village. One could see children without shirt playing with sand. At another angle were a young beautiful girl and a boy sitted under a tree. When they saw people gathered around a man lying on the floor-Steve, they also rushed to that place. Steve laid unconsciously on the floor as an old hunter unbuttoned his shirt and belt.
“A stranger. Who is he? Where is he from?” people began to murmure as they surrounded him. Suddenly, Steve coughed awake and all adjusted backward with their mouths closed. Only the old hunter stayed close as Steve gradually opened his eyes and sat up-but still coughing.
“Where am i?” he asked looking at everybody in the face. He stood up.
“Hey, young man, i found you beside a sea” the old hunter said and adjusted his arrow.
“Sea?” Steve stared at him. “But how?” he asked curiously.
“I should be asking u that”
“The only thing i can remember is being on an airplane. Who are you people?!” Steve shouted. Just then, two twins, Stella and Thelma ran towards the scene. Both look alike wearing the same gown looking beautiful on the same hair style..

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