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In Advice by Oluwaseun Samuel on the 21st, August, 2017

Night Shower Good or Bad!!! Find Out Now

Most of us wonder whether taking a night shower is good or bad. This article will help you determine whether it is positively or negatively influential on your health.  Nevertheless, we all love to take a refreshing shower as it imparts an inimitable feeling of body cleansing.

It is a great way to allow your body to relax. No doubt we all take a shower before getting back on our regular activities such as school, college, office etc.

But taking a shower at night is an easy way to provide your mind and body with the relaxation it requires after a long day out.

Moreover, shower before bed can help you have a nice sleep which makes you even more refreshing the next morning.

Most people wrongly perceive that night shower is harmful for your health. Such people also believe that it is a way to incur illness as well as diseases.

But the fact is that taking a shower at night is not at all harmful for the body. There are no studies conducted to evaluate the effect of night shower on human body.

Most people are confused whether taking shower in the morning is good or night shower is better. To your information both has more or less the same effect.

Taking shower at night makes you relaxed and free of stress that you accumulated through the day, while taking shower in the morning is essential to feel refreshing again and preparing yourself for the day.

There is no harm to take shower twice a day, provided you are not suffering from any underlying conditions, such as cold or flu.

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Here are some benefits of night shower:

  • Most people believe that taking a shower is a pleasurable activity as it makes you feel energizing, smoothing etc
  • It is believed that taking a hot water shower can help you cleanse you skin and open up the pores which allow your skin to breath. This also eradicates toxins from your skin and makes you feel cleaner and refreshed.  You can enhance the suppleness of your skin by taking a milk bath after you come home.
  • It is also said that taking a shower at night can help in lowering your blood pressure and gives you relief from all the stress. This may also serve to be a small power break from your business routine.
  • If you workout in the evening then shower is necessary to clean away the sweat from your body surface. Moreover, a shower after workout helps you relax your muscles and reduce body pain. For people who do workout, steam bath is highly recommended. If not then treat yourself with a hot water shower.
  • It is believed that a shower at night can also help you get rid of acute insomnia or sleeplessness.

Remember that while taking a shower at night you should mostly use warm water. After shower dry your body and hair completely with a clean towel and only then you should go to bed.

You should not take a shower immediately after your exercising session.

You should take shower at least 30 minutes after your workout. Taking night shower in an appropriate manner is never harmful in fact it incurs lots of benefits.

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