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Differences Between Protein Shake And Protein Bar

Any reformation of a body mass requires a complex approach supplemented with nutritional
additives. Some of them are designed to aid in losing mass while others perform the opposite
function. Nevertheless, you can also encounter merchandise offering both options to alter the
body. As a rule, these include protein-based supplements in form of powders, shakes, and bars.
If that information is odd to you, click here and begin your trip to the world of diet products with a
meal replacement. At the same time, the subject of the very article foresees a comparison
between dual-purpose products – a protein shake (PS) and a protein bar (PB).

Introduction to PS and PB

PS is a ready-made supplement available in liquid or powder form. The second option requires
a liquid media to make a drink. As a rule, users opt for milk or water at choice. This type of
protein-based additives is represented by multiple brands. People choose PSs either to develop
musculature or to fight against fat. In fact, the final goal of using the supplement depends on the
chosen approach including a plan of exercises and a diet program.

PB is also a nutritional additive but in a solid form. Similar to PS, this category of products
supplies protein to the body. However, bars enjoy popularity because of their convenience for
transportation and storage. Moreover, there is an opinion that shakes are less filling than bars.
In practice, everything relies upon a certain brand or trademark producing the merchandise.


Since the major ingredient of both supplements under review is protein, you may apply each
solution for different goals. Naturally, rich-in- protein nutrition is usually consumed for increasing
muscles. Both PSs and PBs are a perfect solution for this purpose. If your nutrition plan and
training program is elaborated for enhancing body mass, the bulk of the mentioned additives will
be of service. Nevertheless, some users consume either shakes or bars in pursuit of the
opposite goal namely to reduce fat. Obviously, bars or shakes with a high content of kcal won’t
be a proper solution for this aim. At the same time, certain merchandise will be a decent hunger
suppressant, as well as a source of nutrients for your body when on a diet.

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Nutritional Value

A regular protein drink offers over 20g of the major building ingredient for musculature. If this
rate is minimal for a PS, a typical PB is unlikely to contain more than this amount of protein.
Moreover, bars are similar to meal replacements according to nutritional values. On this
account, their content may include numerous nutritious components to be a decent substitute
for a full meal. Shakes focus on nurturing muscles and usually lack some additional components
except for the core element and a couple of flavor additives.

What to Choose: a Bar or a Shake?


The problem of choice is especially relevant in the times of abundance of merchandise. As you
see, both categories of reviewed supplements have many similarities. Nevertheless, you should
be careful when choosing between them for a certain goal. Besides, you may find some diet
plans that include both protein shakes and bars in the daily ration.

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