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The Person Of God 4 By Naijatweet

Title: Person Of God 4
By: Naijatweet
Dedicated to: All Our Fans

Alice gave her life to Christ. Before that? I remembered the day we were fighting over the reason I did not use the watch she bought for me. Our maid was just coming out of the kitchen with hot oil and she pushed me against her. Ann got Life deformation as a result. She was a bone in the neck for my family members. I got detached from them. Would I blame myself that couldn’t hold on to my conviction in Christ and allowed my faith to shake because a man misrepresented Christ or the person of God as acclaimed that preached do as I say not as I do forgetting that actions speak louder than words? I was so young in faith when I saw that incident. Even sister faith didn’t remember me. Those who remembered me castigated me, abandoned me and isolated me. I was a backslider.

That faithful day, Alice had gone to visit her friends as usual. It was getting late. I was just at the corner of my library when I saw a dusty old black book. I wondered what it was. As I wiped the dust, I saw the HOLY BIBLE. I wept bitterly. My life has almost been ruined by this strange woman. I wasn’t hypnotized but I was not alive. I knew he forgave me when I heard the voice again, ‘Welcome back son’. I wept more.

Alice came back looking for me around the house till she got to the room where I was praying. The light of God shone on her and she surrendered her life to Christ.

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Beautiful right? What of my siblings that suffered to be educated when they have a wealthy brother? What of my father who is paralysed because I couldn’t take care of him? What of Tony who died because his friend can’t help him? What of the pregnancy that was destroyed when we were fighting? What of the church building that collapsed and no one to help till it was taken over by community? What of the souls that I should have met?

The person of God? Hold steadfastly unto the person you’ve accepted Not man. Let no one be your standard. Let Christ be.

I really learnt my lesson. Now, Christ dwells in my family and I can say the entire family of Williams know that Christ is real!

*The End*

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