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The Person Of God By Naijatweet

Title : Person Of God
By: Naijatweet
Dedicated to: our fans

While I was driving, I noticed there was a scene even in the rain. I wasn’t a person that meddle with other people’s affairs but this caught my attention. I decided to look. Alas! My pastor was fighting because of change and he has been beaten. I was embarrassed and I had to leave. He didn’t see me. My Pastor? Man of God?
The following Sunday, the preaching was done by this man and I looked keenly to hear what will come from the mouth of this man. The topic was ‘Conduct outside the church’, I sighed as I sipped my juice. People around me looked at me in surprise but They can’t understand. He said ‘You claim to be a Christian and you fight, abuse, I tell you, you’re not a Christian’. Really? I then concluded, this church is led by an unbeliever in their words. I am not coming to this church again, I affirmed.

On my way home, I saw this good looking sexy lady and I decided to give her a lift. As we were in the car, she was dozing off and about to sleep. I never knew when I said to her ‘Don’t you mind resting in my home?’ ‘Really?’ she replied. She didn’t object it. I took her to my house just into the guest room. It was a Sunday so I went to the court for exercise forgetting that I had a visitor. I had to rest around until it was evening. Suddenly I remembered Alice was in my house.
I hurriedly went in to still find her sleeping. I can’t wake her up. I decided to stay there till she woke up. I slept off too. By the time I left my subconscious mind, it was just some minutes past ten and I saw Alice dressing up to go. ‘ Ben, thank you very much for the help, I appreciate, I have to leave now’, ‘ No, no, no’, I replied. ‘It’s late just stay here and you’ll leave tomorrow, go and take your shower and sleep’

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*To be continued*

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