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Here Is Everything To Know About The Types And Causes Of Miscarriages

No woman wants to go through the phase of having to lose a pregnancy but sadly, one in every five woman has experienced this.

But you can prevent miscarriages by living a healthy lifestyle and paying attention to little details.

There are several types of miscarriages:

1. Threatened miscarriage

You have vaginal bleeding and may have mild cramps, but your cervix stays closed. Often, the bleeding stops and your pregnancy goes on normally. The other half of threatened miscarriages become inevitable miscarriages, and end in pregnancy loss.

2. Inevitable miscarriage

You have increasing bleeding, and your cervix opens. If this happens, there’s no chance for your pregnancy to continue.

3. Incomplete miscarriage

Some of the pregnancy tissue comes out of your uterus, and some stays inside. You may need follow-up treatment to remove the remaining tissue.

4. Complete miscarriage

All the pregnancy tissue comes out of your uterus. You usually don’t need any extra treatment.

5. Missed miscarriage

You have no cramps or bleeding. But ultrasound shows an embryo without a heartbeat or an empty pregnancy sac without an embryo. Usually the tissue passes on its own, but you may need treatment.

Below are some causes of miscarriages.

1. Regulate and control your blood sugar level

Diabetic or not, all pregnant women should monitor and control their blood sugar level. Consumption of sugary foods must be moderate.

2. Stop taking harmful substances

Drinking of alcoholic beverages, smoking and drug use must be stopped for the sake of the baby.

3. Stress Management

60 percent of pregnant women are likely to have miscarriages due to stress. It is therefore important for stress to be managed properly during pregnancy.

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A pregnant should take time out to rest well and do some moderate workout. It has been discovered that pregnant women tend to be happier, calmer and more in charge when stress is properly managed.

4. Be mindful of coffee intake

In taking coffee, caffeinated beverages and tea, let your doctor be your guide. At best, caffeine should be avoided generally.

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