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How My Daddy Side-Chicks Destroy My Peaceful Family, Chase My Mother Away From Home

You see this side chic of a thing has destroyed more homes than we can all imagine Mine was a beautiful family with everything going on fine until my Dad started seeing this woman First, he chased my my mom away and after some years this woman took him to some churches who accused I and my brother of being witches and wizards Hmm, after my brother left, I was lonely and depressed My Dad started maltreating me, he won’t give money for food, he stopped talking to me for 8months, I was shocked!

One time he had issues with his side chic, his Brain reset, he started being friendly with me again and as soon as they reconciled, boom! Everything scatted again.

There was a time I fell very sick, my Dad came in, saw me on the floor and walked past me without asking what the problem was. Long story short, in 2012, June to be precise he finally chased me away too because according to him and the churches we want to kill him thru witchcraft means

That affected my education badly, I dropped out because he backed out from my education I just gained admission then, I started squatting with different people, I was depressed, broken and the suffering continues but me I will never give up.

I must survive by God’s grace. I’ve not set my eyes nor spoken to him till date He said he doesn’t want to have anything to do with any of us.

He moved out and relocated with his side chic. 11m still shocked because my Dad use to be a very caring man who would rather starve than see us hungry If it’s juju, me I can not tell. So yes side chic ruin homes and I’m one of the victims. Thank

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