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Sexiest Man Alive: Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness Fixes a Contractor’s Grooming Habits

Sexiest Man Alive: Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness Fixes a Contractor's Grooming Habits

, the team sat down with Terry Chapman, 49, a contractor in Kansas City (where they’ve been filming the upcoming third season), to demonstrate how easy it is for men to make a little more effort when it comes to spicing up their relationships.

“When you do mundane things every day, you get in a rut,” says Berk, 37, who specializes in design. “Put some effort into something that makes your partner feel special.”

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In the People Special: The Queer Eye’s Guide to Becoming Sexier, streaming now on, grooming expert Van Ness shows Chapman how to hone a hair and skin routine that can boost confidence and make a man feel even more attractive.

“Terry basically is like a shower-shaver,” says Van Ness, 31. “He uses shampoo as his shaving cream and his post-shave and his pre-shave, and the totality of his skin care products is shampoo. He looks great but he could just use a gentle nudge to do any grooming other than combing his hair.”

Van Ness says choosing products that best work with the texture of a man’s hair can help create completely different looks and vibes.

“Like, if you do detail it with a little bit of pomade, especially for say a date night, it can give you a slightly edgier, kind of like remember in high school, they’d bust you out of your parents’ house without permission? It can be a little more bad boy,” Van Ness says. “Or just more polished. Just something different.”

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Correct application of product is also key, he adds. “People go to put on product, and the tendency is to start on the front. Incorrect,” he says. “I always recommend starting from the back and working it in on the nape of your neck and then I work my way forward. The point is to not plaster the hair down.”

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And most importantly, don’t forget the little details — like using lip balm. “Sometimes Chapsticks can get us in a vicious cycle of perpetuating lip dryness,” Van Ness explains as he encourages Chapman to apply even more to his lips.

“That seems like a lot,” Chapman says, laughing.

“Well, you know, you can’t trust what seems sometimes,” Van Ness adds. “You’ve just got to trust what the gays tell you to do.”

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