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5 Shocking Guinness Record Holders

5 shocking Guinness record holders
Girl in the above image is Supatra Sasuphan, who is the hairiest teenager in the world.

These are the other Guinness record holders, who make us go crazy.

Name: Annie Hawkins-Turner

Credit: Possesses world’s largest natural breasts, measuring 70 inches. Each breast weighs about 56 pounds.

Shocking Guinness record holders

Name: Ram Singh Chauhan

Credit: 14 feet long mustache

Shocking Guinness record holders

Name: Garry Stretch

Credit: Elastic skin, can use his own skin as a scarf

Shocking Guinness record holders

Name: Kim Goodman

Credit: Can pop her eyes out of her sockets by 12 millimeters (0.47 inches).

Shocking Guinness record holders

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