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8 Heartfelt Ways to Show Your Partner You Love Them

Big life changes — whether the welcoming of a new child, a career shift or the emptying of the nest — can cause two people to either grow apart or come together in rich new ways.

In the midst of it all, it’s important that we acknowledge our partners with intention, making a special effort to show them that we care and that we see them. Here are a few ways you can do that today!


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1. Pay attention. Close attention.

Taking note of your partner’s emotional ups and downs, likes and dislikes, dreams and fears, is one of the truest most honest ways to show that you care for them. Take an interest! Listen to their rants! It’s so worth it.

2. Step into their world.

You’re not always going to like the same activities as your partner, but participating in them in an intentional manner can mean the world to the other person. So go to that football game! Take a painting class! Whatever it is, this is your chance to show you honor their uniqueness.

3. Give small gifts of affection often.

Gifts, while truly dependent on your partner’s taste, should be given freely between both parties. See your love’s favorite chocolate bar in the checkout aisle? Pick it up for them. It’s something small that shows you were thinking of them, even in the midst of your busy day.

4. Include them in your plans.

It can be too easy to operate in separate spheres, going through the motions as individuals without truly living life together. While you don’t have to do everything together, keeping your partner up to date on what’s going on in your life helps establish a sense of mutuality.

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5. Respect their space.

Everyone needs quiet time alone to process, to live their internal lives and to be a healthy human being. Needing space isn’t a sign of a relationship gone bad. Rather, try to see moments of time apart here and there as a gift — a time to reset and realign with what’s ahead.

6. Honor and support their friends.

You may not be the biggest fan of your partner’s long-time bestie, but if they’re important to your partner they should be important to you. This demonstrates that you care enough about your partner to deal with the entire package, friends, family and all.

7. Perfect being lazy together.

Sweat pants, Netflix, dishes in the sink…snuggles on the couch while the world swirls around you can be a much-needed moment to spend time with each other and just each other.

8. Be vulnerable.

Vulnerability is at the heart of a healthy relationship. Without vulnerability, how can you truly know and love someone? Trust your partner enough to tell them your fears, your daily discouragements and whatever other feelings you’ve deemed uncomfortable in your life. In return, listen to your partner’s worries and fears. You’ll both be better for it.


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