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Julia Roberts Gets Made Over as a Kardashian on Ellen

Julia Roberts Gets Made Over as a Kardashian on Ellen

Julia Roberts is just a girl, standing in front of Instagram, taking drastic measures to get more followers.

On Friday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Roberts pulled out all the stops to attract more fans to her Instagram page. The Oscar-winning actress, 51, seemed happy with her 3 million followers — until she learned that DeGeneres, 60, has 60 million.

“I should have at least 51 million then!” Roberts joked, referring to their ages.

Luckily, self-professed Instagram expert DeGeneres was ready to help. She posed Roberts in front of a tropical backdrop before introducing the Kardashian-inspired pièce de résistance: a hot pink string bikini on fake plastic cleavage.

Seeing her new look, the Homecoming star covered her face in her hands.

“I guess I’m supposed to want followers,” she said, “but right now I’m not sure.”

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Roberts looked even more humiliated when DeGeneres brought in Martha Stewart, who came bearing pie, and her My Best Friend’s Wedding costar Dermot Mulroney.

“As always, stunning,” Mulroney raved, greeting the actress with a kiss to the cheek.

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Mulroney, 55 — who told The Talk earlier in November that he would be open to a My Best Friend’s Wedding sequel — reunited with Roberts this year in Amazon’s new series Homecoming. The actor told PEOPLE in September that it was “a privilege” to work with his old costar again.

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“I do find myself drawn to just hang out with my actor in the scene who also happens to be my buddy,” he said.

Roberts claimed she had nothing to do with the casting, insisting, “I did not say, ‘Hire my friend.’“

Not buying it, Mulroney cut in, “She’s a very believable actress, too, so I don’t believe you!”

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