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Arsenal: Lucas Torreira might be the replacement hero

Arguably the biggest reason I didn’t want to see Aaron Ramsey dealt away by Arsenal is because he has something you can’t teach. Check that, he has two things you can’t teach. First of all, he has an unflappable tendency towards heroics.

Ramsey just always happens to step up in big occasions and get the job done, difficult as that may be. Think about Chelsea. About Huddersfield. About all those times he scored a goal that seemed impossible. He just knew how to do it.

Secondly, he has the instincts to be in the right place at the right time. His late runs into the box that always manage to find an oncoming ball and then the back of the net.

Lucas Torreira has only been here a few months, but he has just started to show a tendency for the same things. In the past three matches, he has a goal, an assist, and another goal. And these were three big time games, and three big time moments.

Against Tottenham, he scored the comfort goal that turned the game from a tight battle into a thumping. It was a coolly taken effort from a fantastic and, even at the time, I said it was very Ramsey-esque.

He tallied an all-important assist against Manchester United in what should have been a conclusive deficit as well, showcasing the creativity that we thought might blossom at one point.

And against Huddersfield? In a remarkably tough game, that was heading towards a disappointing result, he came away with being in the right place at the right time, and capitalizing on it all with a heroic goal.

It was all very Ramsey-esque and he couldn’t have made it look any simpler. Same as against Tottenham. Same as against United.

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I still hope that we can keep Ramsey around. I hope that they can get back to the position they were in before, with a contract on the table, but if they can’t, and if we are resigned to lose him, then at the very least, maybe we can find a similar trait in Torreira.

Funny how heroics tend to find the players who fight the hardest. Ramsey never quits, just like Torreira. And they get rewarded for it.

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