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“My bf loves ladies with big pot belly”

''My bf loves ladies with big pot belly'' - Nigerian lady, cries out

''My bf loves ladies with big pot belly'' - Nigerian lady, cries outPopular relationship expert, Joro Olumofin has shared an email he received from one of his followers, complaining about her boyfriend, whom she claimed likes ladies with pot belly.

According to the aggrieved lady, her boyfriend loves ladies with big pot belly and has been making her drink beer, warm palm oil, eat pizza to achieve his aim.

She also complained that her boyfriend doesn’t fondles her breasts, rather he fondles her stomach to get an erection during s*x.

Read below..

Hello joro and joro audience. FYI this picture is not me. I use this picture to explain my situation. So joro my boyfriend loves ladies with big pot belly.

My belly is almost like this now. He buys me beer, gives me warm palm oil to drink, and also ice cream and pizza because he wants me to have a big belly.

During s*x Joro he doesn’t fondle my breast he fondles my belly. He sometimes rub my belly to get erection. Yesterday at work he asked me to go to my office toilet and take picture of my belly.

My clothes are getting tight, What can i do? it’s frustrating. Also when my boyfriend doesn’t check ass of women but big belly. Is this normal? He keeps saying he can’t wait for me to be pregnant because of pregnancy belly.

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