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15 Celebs Who Pretend To Own Mansions They Actually Rent – You Won’t Believe Rihanna Doesn’t Have A House In Her Name

We assume if a celebrity lives in a mansion, it’s because they bought it and now own the property. But you would be surprised to know how many celebrities there are who don’t own the mansions they live in — they merely just rent them out. It sounds crazy because why wouldn’t they want to own a mansion, but for some celebrities, they want the freedom just to pick up and go when they please. When it comes to high-priced luxury estates, some celebrities just choose to rent. Some of them do it for the flexibility of being able to be on the move while others don’t want to drop $20 million in one shot. It’s surprising that some celebs will choose to rent rather than buy since it makes more sense to have some assets, but they’re millionaires, so maybe that doesn’t matter to them. Some of them choose to settle down in their homes for the long haul while others will rent mansions because they are in a transition period.

It may be due to a divorce; seriously, we wonder where Brad Pitt is sleeping right now. But there are other reasons why a celebrity will choose to rent, they could be on a lengthy vacation, be involved with renovating another home or maybe it’s just simply because they prefer to rent the property instead. You might be surprised by what celebrities are out there renting instead of owning.

Check out these 15 celebs who pretend to own mansions that they actually rent.

15 Justin Bieber Has No Use For Property

We can understand why someone like Justin Bieber would prefer to rent rather than own right now. He’s a young guy in his early 20s and he’s probably rarely home. His career is based on being on tour so to own a mansion at this stage probably doesn’t make a lot of sense. For someone so young, he’s quite the wealthy guy so it probably doesn’t matter to him where he’s staying because it will never be a Motel 8. This is just one of many homes that he has rented over the years for roughly $108,000 a month. His choice to rent, however, might have more to do with the fact that his past is tainted with wild and ridiculous behavior. He’s been considered to be the “world’s worst neighbor” by anyone that’s had the displeasure of living beside him. So, until he has his act together, it probably makes more sense for him to rent. He seems to have to move from one luxury residence to another because his neighbors get sick of him.

14 Lady Gaga Prefers To Rent Her Bel Air Mansion

Lady Gaga is another celebrity who prefers to rent instead of own. We hear a lot in the news that Lady Gaga is renovating some home or purchasing a new mansion but the fact remains that she may be a renter for life. She has been renting a Bel Air home for years and she seems pretty comfortable with that. She’s another celebrity who tours a lot so she may not want to settle down in a permanent home quite yet. The rent costs her $25,000 a month and it is a 6,000-square foot residence that she seems more than happy to live in. She had the opportunity to buy the home in 2011 when it became available to purchase, but she seems more than happy to just rent the mansion.

13 Paris Hilton Is A Jet Setter

One rental property of Paris Hilton’s was in Malibu, California, though she’s had many. For the longest time, Hilton had a hard time staying in one place, so it didn’t make sense for her to own a home. She was a jet-setter who liked to bounce from place to place. Who wouldn’t want to live in a gorgeous beach house? If you ever wanted to rent it, it would cost you $65,000 a month. You would think it would make more sense for a celebrity to purchase a home, but these celebs don’t want to put down any roots. When Hilton rents, she doesn’t stay in one place for too long. She had a pretty rocking 4th of July party at her home one year, and the invite list was only A-listers.

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12 The Kardashians Rent Their Home For The Show

If you are a fan of the Kardashians then you probably have tuned into their show, Khloe and Kourtney Take The Hamptons. In the show, the entire family is stayed in a gorgeous $14 million waterfront home in the Hamptons. If you thought that they owned that stunning property, you would be wrong. The home was only rented for the time that they were there to do the show. Must be nice to rent a house like that for the summer and then just peace out whenever you feel like it. The property was gorgeous and it had three acres. The home itself had 5 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms. During the show, the ladies would hit the water or relax on the property during the evening. Talk about a beautiful place to live.

11 Caitlyn Jenner Love A Malibu Mansion

The head of the Jenner family is another one who prefers to rent her home rather than buy it. It’s bizarre to us that celebrities would just drop this kind of money and then have nothing to show for it. She’s been doing it ever since she split with former wife, Kris Jenner. It’s a gorgeous Malibu location that costs her $14,500 a month to rent. The home features 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It’s one of the more modest mansions that you can get. It’s also on the beach which is a huge perk. The house itself is 4,400-square feet and it’s the kind of place that Jenner likes to relax in to get away from the hustle and bustle of celebrity life. He’s definitely part of a family that draws a lot of attention.

10 Jennifer Aniston Rents When It’s Convenient For Her

We were just as surprised as you are to find out that Jennifer Aniston has rented mansions in her day. Though she has bought, she has also rented when it’s convenient for her. She’s a huge lover of architecture and she’s also been known to buy a home, flip it and then sell it right away. During 2012, Aniston bought a $21 million home. But like most house buying situations, she realized that it needed a lot of work. So, with the help of Justin Theroux, she rented a Beverly Hills mansion for $40,000 a month while the work was being done on her home. The renovations took a long time and Aniston was renting the home for at least a year. Sometimes it just makes sense to rent a mansion.

9 Singer Rihanna Takes Comfort In A Rental

Renting seems like a popular choice for singers, probably because they tour a lot. What’s the point in owning a home if you are rarely there to enjoy it? Rihanna is a big fan of renting, and she loves high priced mansions. She has rented 4 separate rentals over the years. At one point she had two bi-coas tal rentals at the same time. She had a penthouse in New York City that cost $39,000 a month as well as a sweet West Coast pad that had a Chinatown vibe to it. She actually left a house that she owned because of a stalker and decided to rent a bigger estate. Maybe she likes the idea that she can run away from stalkers more easily. This mansion gives her a great view but allows her the privacy that she needs.

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8 Katy Perry Split And Decided To Rent

Katy Perry kissed home ownership behind after she left Russell Brand. Or he left her — whatever. Either way, she didn’t want to buy another home. Maybe the idea of settling down turned her off after that experience. These days, she prefers to rent a classy Hollywood Colonial home. We don’t blame her; it’s gorgeous. The house used to have some pretty famous residents over the years. Both Bette Davis and Cary Grant previously lived in the Leland Bryant-designed apartment house. Her monthly rent is a lot more modest than some of the rest. She pays about $8,500 a month and the home only has 3 bedrooms. When you are living alone, however, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to have a huge house especially if you don’t spend a lot of time there.

7 Ray Allen Got Tired Of The Cold Winters

We definitely don’t blame him. We would take a hot location over a cold one any day. That’s clearly what basketball star Ray Allen was thinking when he decided to rent a mansion. At the time he left a contract with the Boston Celtics behind to play for the Miami Heat and it must have been the heat he was looking for. He didn’t want just anything, though, for a mansion, he wanted paradise and he got it. He rented out an 11,500-square foot waterfront mansion that has 10 bedrooms, a library, 9.5 bathrooms, and a manmade beach that was originally meant for the Tony Biltmore Hotel. It truly does sound like paradise to us and just the idea of our own library is like a dream come true. Really, what more could you want in a paradise home?

6 Lindsay Lohan Gets Kicked Out Of Hotels

There was certainly a time when Lindsay Lohan was quite the train wreck in Hollywood. He career was blossoming and all she wanted to do was party to blow off steam from her stressful life. That partying behavior got her kicked out of the Chateau Marmont hotel because she wouldn’t pay her bills — it’s a little odd for someone will bag loads of money. Especially since she was also paying $9,000 a month in rent for a gorgeous white house in Beverly Hills. We’re not sure where her money goes because she was also asked to leave rehab once because of financial reasons. She either doesn’t have the money for these things or just chooses to not pay for them. But at least she can enjoy the comfort of her home which has a gorgeous pool.

5 Anna Hathaway Needed To Flee To A New Mansion

Maybe she was trying to run away from scandal, we’re not sure, but this actress decided that she was going to start renting instead of owning. It was after her fraudster fiancé Raffaello Follieri was convicted and sent to prison. At the time, she was renting a $37,000 a month apartment in the Manhattan Olympic Tower. But she fled the scene as soon as she could and decided to rent in Brooklyn instead. She moved in with her fiancé Adam Shulman. Surely, she had a little more luck with this property. At the time they just grabbed a 1-bedroom loft in 1 Main Street which is also the same building that houses the famous clock tower penthouse. The suite was $6,400 a month. It’s crazy that a 1-bedroom apartment costs that much. They would have upgraded by now since they have a kid.

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4 Even Steve Harvey Rents

This talk show host seems to be getting even more popular over the years even though he did completely ruin the beauty pageant that time. Well, we people have forgiven him by now surely. We just won’t ask him to read any more envelopes from now on. He’s certainly living the high life now and he went out and got himself one of the most expensive Chicago apartments out there. He went to the Trump Tower and at the time he moved to the 88th floor and got a 6,850-square foot penthouse apartment. The apartment has 16-foot ceilings and floor to ceiling windows. Doesn’t that sound gorgeous? The apartment has airliner views, a jacuzzi room and access to a four-car garage. He pays $22,000 month for that apartment.

3 Conor McGregor Loves His MacMansion

Even though he doesn’t own his Las Vegas mansion, Conor McGregor had no problem calling it the “McMansion.” He does own a home with his partner Dee Devlin in Dublin, Ireland but he has a soft spot for Las Vegas and that’s where his McMansion is. He’s had quite the payday after his loss with Floyd Mayweather and now he’s decided to rent a new property. Why he didn’t just buy the MacMansion, we’re not sure, but he definitely gave it a new name. The home has 10 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms and all kinds of room to house the huge entourage that he usually travels with. In reality, McGregor just wanted the home so that he could prepare for his fight with Aldo, but Aldo ended up pulling out. When he fought Chad Mendes instead the fight lasted less than 5 minutes.

2 Courtney Love’s Landlord Wasn’t Impressed With Her

Courtney Love got herself into a bit of trouble when she was renting a townhouse in the West Village. Apparently, the landlord wasn’t too impressed when the Hole singer took it upon herself to paint over a meticulous renovation. We guess she didn’t like it? That was all it took for the landlord to evict her even though she was paying $27,000 a month for the townhome.

He didn’t win the eviction battle however instead Love did, but she decided to hit the road anyway. She went instead to rent a NoLIta loft that was $25,000 a month. She required a character reference and considering her last tenant experience we’re surprised they let her in there. But all it took was getting a reference from U2’s frontman Bono to seal the deal.

1.Mariah Carey Rents In The Hamptons

It’s something that a lot of celebrities will do, just so that they have somewhere to go in the summer. When it came to securing property in the Hampton’s she chose to rent instead of buying. Most celebrities won’t go to the extreme that Mariah Carey did when she decided to rent the 7,500-square foot estate. She spent $275,000 just to rent the mansion in the Hamptons during July and August. That is an obscene amount of money, but Mariah always goes big. The home was by the Sag Harbor and had 6 bedrooms. This would be considered a modest amount of money for Carey who also spent $350,000 to stay one month at Tommy Hilfiger’s place in the Hamptons. When it comes to the Hamptons, some celebrities would just prefer to rent instead of buying such properties.

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