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5 ways to use your hands during a kiss – This will help you become a pro!

Ways to use your hands during a kiss: During a kiss, you might be confused as to how to use your hands. The breasts is not the only place to go, there are many other places you can go that will be titillating. If all you’ve been doing is to grab her breasts or butt during a kiss, then here are 5 other ways you can use your hands and she will love it.

#1 Play With Her Hair

Playing with her hair can increase intimacy, so consider running your fingers through her hair while kissing her. If she enjoys a little rough play, gently grab her hair near the scalp and pull.

#2 Touch Her Face

Place your hands on either side of her face and softly caress her cheeks with your thumbs

#3 Stroke Her Neck

Similar to the face, place your hands on either side of her neck and use your thumb to stroke and tickle her jawline and hollow of her neck. You can also slide your hands smoothly down to her shoulders, massaging them before returning them to her neck.

#4 Caress Her Breasts

Gently knead and caress her breasts. Use your thumbs to tease her nipples with a gentle back and forth stroke. Rub her nipples with your palms. Give them a light tweak. Who knows; you may set off a breast orgasm.

Consider alternating your breast and nipple play with long, leisurely caresses down her sides to her waist and hips.

#5 Rub Her Back And Bum

It can feel especially good when you rub your hands slowly up and down her back while you are kissing her. For added intensity, draw her into you. The more excited your partner becomes, the more sensitive her derriere becomes because blood pools there during arousal, tenderizing the skin.

And the nerve endings there use the same pathways to the brain, as do the ones in her genitals, making it a hotbed of pleasure. Spend time lovingly fondling her sensitive bum. Pay particular attention to the thinner-skinned, lower inside corner of each cheek for that is one incredible hot spot.

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Climaxing by mouth stimulation alone may not be as common to women as some of the other magical orgasms but it is certainly possible.

If nothing else, it is a fantastic form of foreplay and the man who is lucky enough to generate one for his lover may be rewarded further since his partner may then be able to achieve a mouth orgasm solely while performing oral sex on him.


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