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57+ African Hair Braiding Styles Explained with Trending Images in 2020

57+ African Hair Braiding Styles Explained with Trending Images in 2020


With African hair braiding, you can give your hair a rest.  It can protect your hair against harsh environmental elements.  Hair braiding can give you space for your creativity. Most black women are sporting braids since they have natural strong black hair which can hold braids well. The best way is to let a professional from an African hair braiding salon do it so as to avoid any mistakes.

African Hair Braiding Styles and Examples

African Hair Braiding

With this style, having a natural thick hair is a big plus.

African American Braided Hairstyles

African American Hair Braiding

Braided hairstyles are very versatile.

African American Hair Braiding Styles

African Braiding
African Braiding Gallery
African Hair Braid
African Hair Braiding

One of the fastest ways to rack up likes on your social networking sites is to take a photo of your hot braids.

African Hair Braiding Designs

Sometimes it’s amazing to see what we can actually do with our hair.

African Hair Braiding For Long Hair

African Hair Braiding For Short Hair

Most rappers and NBA players are now rocking the scene with their cornrows.

African Hair Braiding For Women

African Hair Braiding Hairstyles

Black is beautiful.

Long Twist Braids

African Hair Braiding for Celebrities
Best African Hair Braiding 
Blonde Single Braids

The blonde and black combo is hot.

African Hair Braiding Styles

Hair Braiding for Kinky Hair
Best Braided Hairstyles for African American
Braided Hairstyles for Black Women
Fabulous Hair Braiding Styles 
Beautiful Hair Braiding Style
Long Black Braids
Natural Braided Hairstyles for Black Women
Hair Braiding with Color
Neat and Shiny
Best Braided Up Do’s for Black Women
Best Black Braided Hairstyle
Half Braided Style
Up Do’s for Black Women
Braid Hairstyles Ideas

Braid Hairstyles For African Hair Side View

Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair
Braiding Styles
Braid Styles For Teenagers

Easy Braid Hairstyles

Hair Braiding African
Hair Braiding African Styles

Hair Braiding Ideas

Blonde Braided Hairstyle
Lovely Natural Hairstyle
Micro Twist
Senegalese Twist
Touba African Hair Braiding
Natural Braids
Unique African Hair Braid
Zoe Kravitz Hair Braid
Bob Box Braids
Box Braids
Long Jumbo Box Braids
Short Small Box Braids
History of African Hair Braiding

African hair braiding is an old form of art that is a part of Africa’s tribal customs. It actually originates way back in 3500 BC in Egypt. Every region and tribe in Africa has its own distinct style of hair braiding. During ancient times, it is used as a way of identifying the tribe’s members. It can also be a symbol for their age group, social status, marital status, religion, power, wealth, and community. There are some hair treatments and intricate patterns that are intended for certain ceremonial events such as rites of passage, weddings, social ceremonies, and others. Aside from its deep cultural significance, it can also be a fashion statement.

From an early age, the girls in the tribes wear hair braids. It is usually done by their elder female relatives, either, their grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters or cousins. They should observe how it is done so that they can learn. They can practice it on their peers or on girls who are younger than them until they can become an expert. It is done as a social duty with no rewards at all. When braiding, villagers will apply palm oil or shea butter or argan oil on the hair.

Importance of Hair

In African culture, there is a belief that a woman who has thick hair can bear several children. She can have many riches and farms. Members of the tribe are not permitted to have loose hair because it is a sign of mess, dirt, and mourning. They are allowed to let their hair loose only during death ceremonies.

An individual who has a well-groomed hair is considered healthy and well mannered. Women are encouraged to wear hair braids. It can also help them in attracting a partner. Braids can keep their hair away during fire dances.

Hair Characteristics

The hair composition of each individual varies according to sex, age, color, and origin. The hair protects the head from the heat of the sun, coldness, injuries, and others. The healthiness of your hair will greatly depend on the foods that you eat. The length of your hair will depend on the DNA of your body. On average, a human being’s head is about 120 square inches and for every square inch, there are approximately 1,0000 hairs. Nowadays, there are a lot of products that can help in the overall well-being of your hair.

African Hair Braiding Cost and Pricing

Would you like to get an African hair braiding? If this is the hairstyle that you want to try then you can go to a salon. However, you can also find someone who will do it at your home.  It will greatly depend on how thick your hair is and how small the braids are.  The price will also vary based on the type of hair braid that you want. For instance, box braids, cornrows, twist braids, Ghana braids, and others. To get your hair Braided African style you can expect prices to range between $150 to $250 in a salon. If you choose to do it yourself, the costs for African braids is often much lower, between $50-$100.

Types of African Hair Braiding Styles

  • Country plaits are usually worn by women. It consists of hair braids that lay on your scalp. Each hair section is braided by weaving one over the other. When it’s complete, you can have a sleek hair braid. It seems that the hair is cut close to the scalp.
  • Cornrows are much the same with country Plaits. It lays flat on your scalp and follows the shape of your head. The only difference is the process of braiding. In cornrows, the hair is woven under one another. As a result, it would look like a raised braid. You can accomplish both cornrows and country Plaits in different lengths. Of course, the thinner ones will produce more braids and time-consuming too. Cornrow braids are very ancient. It started way back in 500 B.C. during the Nok civilization of Nigeria. It has a variety of styles including intricate curves, spirals and linear.
  • In order to look tidy, African men and women slaves wore braids. Famous African American personalities such as Benjamin Banneker and Frances Harper at one time wore braids. In the 1950s, Black artists called it an “Afro.” It was worn by Odetta, Nina Simone, Abby Lincoln, and others. In the 1970s, cornrow braiding was on the rise. Cicely Tyson and Stevie Wonder sported this style. In the 1990s, you can see cornrows on hip-hop artists such as Ludacris, Lil’ Bow Wow, and others. It became a famous celebrity style and worn by other celebrities such as basketball star Allen Iverson.
  • In single braids, a small section of hair is braided out up to the very end. You can do it different lengths. Again, thinner braids will result in more braids, time-consuming, and costly as well.

If you are searching for a new look then we have put together a collection of the different styles of African hair braiding. You gotta love this!

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Best Products For Excellent Braids

Latch Crochet Wooden Hair Knitting Needle

This crochet hair knitting needle is of high quality to last longer.

Senegalese Twist Crochet Hair Extension

Gives texture and shine to your hair just like human hair.

Havana Mambo Twist Crochet Hair Extension

This hair extension is very smooth and feels comfortable too.

How to do African Hair Braiding

  • Step 1 – To start with, use a fine comb in parting the hair.  The width of a single section of hair will depend on your desire.  If you want to produce more cornrows then you can choose a thin width.
  • Step 2 – Identify the direction of the braid.  You can start from the base of the neck and move forward to the hairline.
  • Step 3 – Separate a single section of hair into three groups.  The left group is A, the center is B and the right group is C.
  • Step 4 – Place group A under group B and over group C.
  • Step 5 – Continue braiding until you complete the entire row. Repeat this on a new section of hair.

To know more, watch this tutorial:

African Hair Braiding Styles Questions

Do you still have questions about African hair braiding styles? If you answered yes, there is no need to worry. We see a ton of questions come through about this subject from our readers. As a result, we have combined a list of the top questions we see below.

Who should I contact for the best African hair braiding styles?

If you want your African braids to last as long as possible, we suggest seeing a licensed professional who specializes in this type of hair. There are several things that go into creating a good braid such as good sectioning, using the proper products, and giving the best advice for aftercare. You definitely need to consider these things if you hope to get the best possible braids.

How long does African hair braiding styles last?

As long as the person who braids your hair is professional, you shouldn’t have to get new braids for quite some time. In fact, most African hair braiding styles last up to twelve weeks. You just need to be sure you are taking extra steps like wearing silk scarves if you want to prolong the amount of time you have these braids.

Will African hair braids look good on me?

As long as you like the way that African hair braids look, that’s all that matters. There are several different options within this category of braids, so you are bound to be able to find at least one that works for you. Take the leap – you won’t be disappointed!

Our thoughts on African Braided Hairstyles

Whether you choose African hair braiding because of its cultural significance or you just want to be fashion forward, one thing is for sure this protective styling will bring out your creative side! Aside from allowing you to select various shapes and patterns, you can likewise add colors, highlights, texture, and accessories. And once you select the right design for you, you are all set whether you are attending a special event or just doing your regular daily routine.

Raissa Diaz is a freelance hairstylist for a long time. Her expertise started as she was fascinated with hairstylists in a salon. She continues to become more adept in her field and enjoys her free time sharing her knowledge through articles.

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