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A Letter Abba Kyari From Nigeria Youth


Dear Sir

You died in this country Nigeria because of COVID-19 pandemic. It’s

unfortunate that the lockdown in different countries of the world is

what kept you in Nigeria. It is on record that many Nigerian

politicians prefer to die abroad (except when they die by accident).

But please sir, as you get to the world beyond, tell Herbert Macauley

that the party he founded has been turned to People’s Destroying


Help us tell Obafemi Awolowo that we now pay school fees without going

to school. Notify Nnamdi Azikiwe that the long wall to democracy he

built has fallen, only the cracked fence still stands.

Let chief Anthony Enaharo know that the independent nation he

fought for is no more.

Alhaji Ahmadu Bello will be interested in the Judiciary system. Please,

let him know that our judicial system now favours only the rich and

please, don’t forget to tell Murtala Mohammed that we still use

kerosene to cook and candle to see.

Please, if you are privileged to meet king Jaja of opobo, tell him that

we still live as slaves (modern slave) in our own country Nigeria. Tell

him boldly that this leaders have pursued many Nigerians out of this

country to foreign lands to suffer and wash toilet for the white and

end up being deported.

Please, tell Dele Giwa that the Nigerian Press has been bought with not

just money, but so much money and pocketed by prominent parties.

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Finally sir, help us tell Prof Iyayi that the federal government keeps

paying billions into ASUU account but they are yet to receive alert.

O before I conclude, say me Hi to Yaradua. Tell him, it is a shame on

all Nigerian leaders that non is able to emulate his leadership style.

Tell them we need our hospitals fixed. Let them know that the masses

needs quality education to build worthy leaders of tomorrow. Tell

them we need good roads and leaders that will lead by example. Tell

them we are yearning for a new, branded and a fixed Nigeria.

Tell them we anticipate a quick reply to this letter.

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