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Another episode of Emmani buggati word on world

Life is painful when you give all and nothing is left on the table. Only the brave can do it and still be in charge and capable.
Let me hit you with a story of a young man named Godwin who loved a lady called Minda. He met her when she was hawking, they got along with each other and became friends. Godwin decided to help her with her schooling.

He paid for her waec, jamb and spent all he earned for her university career, even when he couldn’t feed well, he made sure he paid all her bills. He gave minda’s parent monthly provision, just to make sure they are comfortable.
All glory to God, she graduated and got a job, earned enough that she bought a car and opened a super canteen for her mother.
Minda good morning, her colleague in the office greeted, good morning she replied. All of a sudden after exchanging greetings she fell down.
Several hours of waiting in the ward, the doctor told her parent and Godwin that she needed a kidney transplant.
O human, family couldn’t donate, friends ran away, neighbours didn’t even show up but Godwin gave all. He decided to donate his kidney and still paid for the transplanting while he suffered so many years falling into one sickness to another.
She got back on her feet stronger, after some couple of months, Godwin lost his job, the landlord sent him packing and later landed in rotimi’s house. He couldn’t feed well, got chased out of rotimi’s house due to little misunderstanding (football palaver).
The day tears rolled down my cheek, was when he went to minda’s mother canteen to ask for food, the mother asked him to pack customers plate and wash them before he would eat later in the evening. Minda wasn’t picking his calls, the pressure was too much, he couldn’t keep up with doctors advice. After years of battling with sickness, he gave up the ghost.
Godwin loved minda, that she became indispensable but she couldn’t reciprocate because she was not dependable. Never forget, it takes the brave to give all on the table and still remain in charge and capable.

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All right reserved to God for His inspiration.
Emmani buggati


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