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How My Boyfriend of 2 Years Did Marriage Introduction With Another Lady – Heartbroken Woman Cries Out

I’m 27 and he’s 32.1 have been dating him for almost 2years apart from us been friends for 3 years.


But right now I’m so hurt and bitter that all I wish him is for bad things to start happening to him, my heart is broken.

I don’t think there is any man that won’t cheat in this life.He was so innocent that if he isn’t at work he would be in church or at home to the extent that even my friends were like I’m so lucky to have him.Joro even after he lost his job and was jobless for like 9/10 months I was still by his side.

lf I go to his place I would buy few foodstuffs for him,encourage him when he’s feeling down till he got another job 3 months Joro he told me a month ago that someone else is pregnant for him.He was having cex with someone else while he was jobless oo.While he was jobless we prayed end fasted together on

different occasions for everything to be fine. When he even got a new job he said if I can stay beside him during trying times then he’s sure I’m the one he’s going to marry that he’s coming to see my parents this coming festive period.

l found out today that he did introduction with the lady. Joro I don’t wish him well and I’m really praying to God for me not to curse him because if I do there’s nothing that would wash that curse away. How can men be so wicked and heartless.

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When I think of all the promises he has said to me I would just start crying.For like a month now I’ve not gotten myself.Where do I even start from at this my age.

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