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But who will tell our leaders that starvation weakens human immunity

But who will tell our leaders that starvation weakens human immunity and exposed them to all kinds of infection?

Who will let them know that one of the best ways to spread this virus fast is when the peoples immunity is weak and none could resist it?

Who will make them understand that locking people at home hungry is one of the best ways to speed up the spread of this virus?

Who will let them understand that the Americans and other nations understand this that’s why they supply their citizens food daily even while crediting their accounts with funds?

A doc I learned from once told me, a patient tested positive to HIV when she hadn’t eaten anything. He just did this without her knowledge also he was aware she hasn’t eaten anything since morning till that afternoon. The next day she came for checkup, he did the test again and she was negative he repeated this almost trice on those two conditions and he affirmed his results.

Then I asked him why he is keeping that knowledge from the public?

All he said was… They’d say I’m stupid.

Just the same way some gullible fellows benefiting from this looters would call me stupid for posting this.

We will come out of this pandemic refreshed trust me. We will all have sense by force.

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