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Cult with snakes – Pastor let deadly snake to bite him to prove his faith (Video)

Pastor barely save his life after allowing deadly snake to bite him to prove his faith.Cult with snakes


The controversial American pastor Kodi Kuts almost lost his life when he allowed himself to be bitten by deadly snake in Kentucky during the Mass in Kentucky.

Kuts believes that the venom of the snake can not do anything to him, claiming that he was bitten by the snake six times in life, “but that Jesus saved him.”

During the mass, the Code took a snake, put it around his neck, and started to dance. However, the snake was quickly disturbed, and she bitte pastor´s shoulder, and soon the face and neck.

A bitte in the neck was literally millimeters from the artery, which Kuts would knock out on the spot.

So when he felt he could no longer, and soon afterwards he had collapsed, and was rescued by a quick intervention at a local hospital.

The Christian cult with snakes was once popular in the United States, today only a few states allow such rituals.

Kodi became a pastor with only 23 years because his father passed away from the snake bite during a mass of 2014.

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