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“Daddy Freeze Is A Bastard For Insulting My Father, Oyedepo”- Pastor Ibiyeomie Blows Sizzling (Video)

"Daddy Freeze Is A Bastard For Insulting My Father, Oyedepo"- Pastor Ibiyeomie Blows Hot (Video)


Pastor David Ibiyeomie, Daddy Freeze

The presiding pastor of Salvation Ministries Port Harcourt in Rivers state, Pastor David Ibiyeomie on his altar dragged controversial OAP and chief of the Free the Sheeple motion, Daddy Freeze, for all the time ”insulting his father”, Bishop David Oyedepo.

Daddy Freeze has all the time taken to his social media handles to sort out and counter many of the issues stated or written by the revered clergyman, Bishop Oyedepo.

Preaching in his church not too long ago, Ibeyiome verbally attacked Freeze, inserting a curse on the day the OAP was born and calling him a “bast*rd” for insulting Oyedepo who he stated is his father.

In line with Ibiyeomie, Freeze isn’t a Nigerian however a Somalian who was born inside a ship.

”Insult me I would not speak however insulting Oyedepo…..that Bast*rd! Inform him, any day I hear him discuss Oyedepo….do they know his father? Does Daddy Freeze have a father? That half caste who’s a Somalian. The day I hear him discuss Oyedepo once more, I’ll take care of him.

Oyedepo could not speak however I am unable to be alive and also you insult my father.

Who gave delivery to him? If he has a father, let him present us his father’s image. Any person that they gave delivery to within the ship. Does he appear to be a Nigerian? That is a Somalian.”

Persevering with, the visibly indignant clergyman stated;

“Oyedepo could not speak however I am unable to be alive when you insult my father. I curse the day he was born. I am unable to be alive and also you insult my father. I’ll tear you into items, you Bast*rd!

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Individuals who have fathers do not insult fathers. He’s insulting him as a result of he has no father. You possibly can by no means insult a father when you have a father. He has no father.

Inform him o. Inform him. That is the final time he talks about Oyedepo once more. He’s a bast*rd. Does he have a father? Who’s his father? Let him present his father if he has a father?”

He went on to assault Freeze over his failed marriage. He additionally insinuated that Freeze would not have a very good job as a broadcaster.

”Man who can’t marry. He has no spouse. He cannot handle his dwelling and he’s coming to speak on Tv. Is he not the spouse who left him? A person who’s a broadcaster? Does he have a very good job? ”

Ibiyeomie additional acknowledged that he’ll get Daddy freeze arrested quickly.

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