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How a Doctor Sleeps With a Married Lady During Abortion While Her Husband Waited Outside

  • Doctor Sleeps With a Married Lady

I have always heard of doctors sleeping with their patient but there are no evidence as ladies always keep it secret.

Yesterday I was with my married friend and as we were discussing I brought the topic up.

She did not hesistate in telling me it was true as she has experienced it in a hospital in town portharcourt..

She went for a D and C according to her with the husband to the hospital after 3months.

They discussed and agreed a fee of 30k. First installment of 15k was paid.

She was led to d operating room were the doctor undressed her stark Un1ad.Before she knew was happening doctor brought out d22ck to insert.She tried resisting but he told her it was normal procedure to open v22gina to relax the muscles.

After argument he had his way had s23x with her and performed the d and c .

Cleaned her up and took her to meet husband and he told husband all was well and she should be back in a week time.

After a week she went for check up and he made love to her again in his office.

She could not help it but seized the balance of 15k that the doctor was suppose to collect.

Thevdoctor did not even ask of the balance.

I begin to wonder if many ladies do enjoy s23x with doctors or are forced against their will to have s23x not just for Sand C but any other health matter.

Husbands are u safe with your wife seeing a male doctor when in this case his wife makes love while husband is in waiting room

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