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Excitement as Man and Woman Strip N*ked in Broad Daylight to Climb Famous Mountain (Photos)

Some climbers have stripped n*ked in broad daylight with the intention of climbing a popular mountain in the n*de.

Leah Pappajohn (left) Jonathan Fleury (right) climbed Yosemite’s El Capitan using only ropes, packs on their backs and shoes on June 6

Leah Pappajohn, 29 and Jonathan Fleury, 28, two climbers who successfully scaled Yosemite’s El Capitan earlier this month are the first to complete the ascent while baring all.

According to Daily Mail UK, Leah Pappajohn, 29, and Jonathan Fleury, 28, climbed the iconic rock formation using only ropes, packs on their backs and shoes on June 6.

Pappajohn, who is a nudist, and Fleury ascended to the peak via the Nose trail in 12 hours, which was a personal record for both.

She said that their recent adventure on the vertical rock formation was all in good fun as they partied when they reached the top.

‘The dream of climbing El Cap n*ked was an obvious one to me, but it took years for me to feel it was a possible in relation to my climbing ability,’ she told Climbing magazine.

‘It’s a great feeling to climb nude. It’s empowering for me. And come on, it’s funny.
‘I like to do a *aked climb most places I’ve climbed at. The most recent ‘birthday climb’ I did was in Squamish, which is now my second-longest nude route.’
The 29-year-old explained that it’s crucial for her to ‘do things n*ked that are nonsexual,’ and climbing is one of those activities.

She added that she’s climbed El Capitan several times prior to this nude adventure, even doing it previously on three different routes.

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Pappajohn told that when she first conquered El Capitan it took her four days.

But for this ascent, she revealed that one of the biggest differences was the ability to urinate freely.
That was definitely an unexpected ease of climbing n*ked, you don’t have to deal with pulling your pants off under your harness. It was nice to not have to worry about that,’ she said.

‘I usually try to avoid people below me when I pee, but we were in the clear on this climb.’

‘Also, this was the fastest time either one of us climbed it. Light and fast is the way.’

Pappajohn said that in dealing with the exposure it was ‘impossible to be discrete.’

‘…honestly, climbing takes so much of your focus, you forget you’re n*ked,’ she added.
‘As I was stemming up the first section of the great roof, Jon admitted that he had never stared at a v*gina for so long.
”Just a part of the job description of an attentive n*ked belayer.’The rock formation reaches approximately 3,000 feet from base to summit at its tallest face.

After completing the ascent, the pair only suffered minor sunburns.

She shared that most difficult part of the task was committing to doing it in the first place.

‘…starting up the climb with one rope and no clothes,’ Pappajohn said.

‘Everyone had different ideas on what might be the worst part; scrape-age, chaffage, cold, or sunburn.
‘While I didn’t think it would be that bad, there was no ‘n*ked beta.’ I didn’t know for sure.’

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