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Female Teacher Gets Married 16-Year-Old Student After Sleeping With Him

Female Teacher Gets Married 16-Year-Old Student After Sleeping With Him


A female teacher who reportedly had cex with a 16-year-old student is now happily married to him, and they have three children together.

Natasha Miller was 23 when she met Hayden MacDonald who had been a pupil at Tararua College in New Zealand.

Thirteen years later they are still together and are both teachers in the area, the NZ Herald reports.

The initial story broke in 2006 with the Herald reporting that Miller had quit her job after confessing she was in a cexual relationship with her year 12 English student.

Hayden’s mother Gaile said she noticed Hayden started to shower more often and groom himself before going to class.

Gaile’s suspicions weren’t confirmed until Hayden said he was getting tutoring at school with other students, when in reality he was spending time alone with the teacher.

She cottoned on to the lie when she swung by the school to pick up her son and discovered Hayden wasn’t there.

After the scandal broke, the pair gave a tell-all interview to Women’s Weekly where they told of their love for each other.

Ms Miller said that over several months she slowly developed feelings for her pupil, who she said seemed to be more mature than his classmates.

‘The assignments he handed in were well above the level of his age group and I respected his maturity,’ she said at the time.

‘Hayden was polite and respectful and we had things in common like music and hobbies.’

Ms Miller eventually put her mobile number on the bottom of a class handout and Hayden saved it.

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He later received a text message from her reminding him to do his homework. The pair continued to text back and forth before agreeing to meet one-on-one.

Hayden said he had also been hiding his affection for the teacher for some time.

‘A lot of the boys at school were talking about her. She was young and really attractive so that made lessons a lot better,’ he said at the time.


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