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governor of Kano state I looking for #15billion to fight CoronaVirus in his state?

Shey Abdulahi Ganduje, governor of Kano state I looking for #15billion to fight CoronaVirus in his state?

He lifted the lockdown today for Kano people to shop for their coming season ooo.

Now just look at people nothing like social distancing, no face mask no hand gloves

This governor could intensional cause the recent mysterious deaths in Kano still under investigation just to get #15billlion.

See, most governors are secretly praying for Covid-19 to enter their state to cut their piece of the cake ooo.

Some are taking the cases self so they’ll be added to the list of beneficiaries from that cake they donated to them.

Now you can see how the people we call leaders play ludo with our lives?

If you like yourself, stay home and stay alive.

That they are taking these cases and even intentionally spreading it in their states doesn’t mean Covid-19 is not in Nigeria or real.

I almost slapped a guy today for his ignorance saying boldly Covid-19 is not in Nigeria. These kinds of people are the once that’ll make us incur unimaginable damage in this country.

See, our leaders don’t care about you. Whether you die or live it’s none of their business.

People like this president can even buy the virus and inject it on someone just to confirm there are cases in their state so theyll get #15billion.

Sometimes I imagine the kinds of senseless humans leading this country.

If you know the way I like you as you are alive eh… You won’t be gambling with your life saying Covid-19 is not in Nigeria ooo.

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As at 12th of April, Ecuador citizens were almost protesting that there is no Covid-19 and they are lying to them..

As at 18th of April, even the health workers are crying in the hospitals begging for international aids.

Now corpse are left on the streets decaying.

Mothers and children are enjoying the bad odour from their Covid-19 deceased father. These are the same people who almost protested when they were going on lockdown.

#Just #Stay #Safe #for #Me #Please

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