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HEALTH ALERT: 3 Places You Should Never Keep Your Phone To Prevent Hazard

Mobile phones are one of the coolest things ever made. They help us in communication and staying in touch, however, they also sometimes, are misused by people.

As harmless as mobile phones seem, if put in the wrong place, can pose a danger to people and the device.

Here are some of the places you must never keep your mobile phone.


It is not recommended to put your phone at the back pocket. A thief can easily get it from here. There are also high chances of breaking the phone’s screen when you sit down. Find another place to keep the phone rather than the back pocket.


There are women who are known to keep their money and phones in their bras, which is not advisable. Never keep your device in your bra. The device can explode and cause injuries you will live regretting.


How do you start placing your mobile phone under a pillow? It is even worse to do so when the phone is in vibration mode.

The danger is from heat buildup, being well insulated by the pillow especially if you leave the charger plugged in.

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