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Here’s What These School Boys Did Over No Shorts Uniform Policy

Teenage boys have turned up at a Devon school this morning dressed in skirts in protest at strict uniform codes which the headteacher has refused to relax.

The schoolboys, from ISCA Academy in Exeter, Devon, had asked earlier this week whether they would be allowed to wear shorts amid the hot weather. Temperatures have been upwards of 30 degrees. Their headmistress said no.

So, rather than than get themselves sent home for breaching uniform regulations, or spend the day sweating in trousers, the teenagers borrowed school skirts from their female peers.

The 30 were following in the footsteps of five pioneers who yesterday sported skirts. They had made a ‘let us wear shorts’ case to headmistress Aimee Mitchell, who had told them no, but also made a backhanded comment about being unable to prevent them wearing skirts. The youngsters latched onto it.

On Wednesday, only one of the boys landed himself in hot water – his skirt was deemed too short. But today, as 30 odd defiant lads turned up with their calves on display, many were allegedly put into isolation, much to the despair of campaigning parents.

“Loads of them have been put in isolation for stupid reasons because the school doesn’t like having no control over them,” one pupil told Devon Live .

Most of the boys had shaved their legs in readiness for their new attire. They met on the walk in to buy pink razors from a corner shop.

Miss Mitchell said she is happy to consider changing the uniform policy in hot weather in the future, but needs to consult students and families first.

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Another photo of the boys in skirt:


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