How Did Something I Wanted So Much Become The Most Painful Experience Of My Life




Nigerian female rapper and influencer, Modupe Oyeyemi popularly known as Mo’cheddah on has opened up on her pregnancy experience during which she recounted the first 25 weeks, stating that it was so difficult because she was bedridden.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, the 31-year-old narrated all she went through during her first and second trimester, stating that nothing is more challenging than carrying a child

According to her, she was bedridden for two weeks and could barely open her eyes or talk.

“I had hyperemesis gravidarum for the first 25 weeks of pregnancy, and when I tell you, it is the hardest thing I have ever experienced in life, and I doubt any-other thing can be more challenging or more painful. I was bedridden for weeks and could barely open my eyes and talk. All I could do was breathe.

“I threw up 10-15 times a day. I won’t call it throwing up; it was an exorcism where I felt like a sick volcano needed to erupt way too often. I couldn’t eat or drink anything.

“All through, I have had the worst heartburn, indigestion, constipation, acid reflux coupled with the worst pelvic pain that started at 6weeks ( cue in my voice over artist voice).”

She added: “How did something I wanted so much become the most painful experience of my life? I cried a lot from the pain, and I cried because I felt terrible for feeling so awful because I just couldn’t see past the pain.

“I know it can’t be easy growing life, but why did I feel like I was dying and getting the life sucked out of me. Why didn’t I know what was wrong with me? Why do they call it morning sickness when you feel sick every damn second.

Why is my Dr telling me this is normal! It’s not normal! Why do I see new mums write how happy they are and how it is the most beautiful experience when I Don’t feel that way.”


Stephen Emmanuel


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