How Nigerians Reacted To Sunday Igboho’s ‘Yoruba Nation’ Declaration


Sunday Igboho

Sunday Igboho

Popular Yoruba rights activist Chief Sunday Adeyemo popularly called Sunday Igboho recently declared a Yoruba Nation and this has set many tongues wagging.

The Nation had reported how Sunday Igboho said he and those who believe in his cause will always defend the Yoruba race from aggressors.

In a video of the event that has gone viral as obtained by The Nation, Igboho said all the borders will be opened while lamenting that major institutions in the south-west are headed by people of Fulani origin.

Also, Igboho claimed Yoruba are united with traditional rulers backing them.

He also dared any traditional ruler against his own people to declare it publicly.

“The Yorubas that are everywhere are larger than most countries, therefore we call on the global community and United Nations to come & separate us.

“We are no longer interested in being part of Nigeria before this becomes war, they need to intervene because we want to go.

“As it stands now, we are no longer under Nigeria. If they don’t intervene, it will go beyond control. We have gone beyond the point where we keep quiet; we are no longer scared to voice out.

“We are not safe anywhere, we can’t sleep in peace, we can’t travel in peace, what have we done? Are we slaves? We don’t do wrong by existing, we only chose the wrong leaders and we are saying enough is enough!

“TIN CAN in Lagos, Apapa, the directors are Fulani men. The two ports we have, the controllers are Fulanis. We don’t want them anymore!”

“All our Kings are solidly behind us, any of them that want to deny it should make a press conference, let’s see. He won’t see the light of the next day! My advice to the Yorubas in the North is to find your way back home.

“Start coming home, it is time! We have suffered enough, let’s not fight among each other, let’s unite for a common cause, it is time to come home. That’s all I have to say”

The trending video has sparked outrage on social media, especially twitter and facebook.

While many have called on the Federal Government to act fast before any crisis escalates, others showed solidarity with the declaration.

Former Kaduna Senator Shehu Sani said: “Some Champions of self determination are gradually rubbishing their causes with comical and hollow declarations that are not worth the value of the paper they were written on.”

@UNCLE_AJALA said: “Sunday Igboho may not be right about so many things, but he’s right about Buhari’s Nepotism and filling lucrative agencies in Nigeria with his Fulani cronies and Northerners.

John Fanimokun said: “Sunday Igboho is not speaking for us. He is a tool in d hands of some bitter old crooks that are desperately finding means to continue sharing our national treasure like they did under PDP. No sane Yoruba will embrace a criminal & some unresourceful old cargos as Leaders. Never!”

@Theladyfrances_ said: “I do not see the point of #OneNigeria if we are not going to progress as a country. We either start doing the needful now or we separate. Respect to men like Sunday igboho and Nnamdi kanu who took it upon themselves to agitate for the freedom of their people against tyranny”

@von_Bismack said: “The Sunday igboho’s sudden declarations have the markings,timing and undertones of the NADECO 1999. We are watching with keen interest though.”

Micheal Akanji said: “Sunday Igboho is just being overrated by his fellow hoodlums and few educated illiterate online and offline. Perhaps,

“I’m not surprised at the mutiny strategy of some Yoruba leaders. They are using vulnerable people to play deadly political games and we’re tired of DSS warning.”

Olufunke Lawson said: “If the DSS or any other security agency get to eventually arrest Sunday Igboho, which lawyer do you think would quickly jump to his defence”

Bhadmus Akeem said: “Yoruba Nation is not by mouth sha! Most of the people Sunday Igboho think are behind him will disenchant him when push comes to shove.

Onye Nkuzi, @cchukudebelu “The rise of people like Sunday Igboho was predictable – and many powerful people are “speaking through him”.”

Ifa Funsho said: “Despite how Buhari gov’t kept mute on insecurity. He closed borders that brings food to Yoruba land. Gumi & miyetti Allah are negotiating with terrorist. Fulani herdsmen are killing YORUBAs. If any Yoruba person is against sunday igboho that person must be enemy of Yoruba nation.”

Dr. Ben Gbenro said: “When you elevate people like Gani Adams to prominence,then you embolden the likes of Sunday Igboho to think of themselves as your mouthpiece. Iran Yoruba, se eri aiye yin lode? Our acclaimed education is useless.”

Stephen Emmanuel
Stephen Emmanuel


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