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I Was In Shock Months After Being Crowned

I Was In Shock Months After Being Crowned

Friday, September 21, 2019 is one date Daniella Hafsat Jatto will never forget. It was the day she emerged as the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) Tourism 2018.


The Base University student of Estate Management and brand ambassador, All Nigerian Festival in this chat opens up on her life as a beauty queen among other interesting issues.


Tell us about growing up and how would you describe your childhood?


I was born into an average family. I was not born with a silver spoon and I grew up in Benin City, Edo State. I attended St Mary’s British Primary School, Our Lady of Apostles Primary School and Presentation National High school. To be honest, I consider myself blessed to be a Jatto because I had the best childhood ever. I have lovely and caring parents that always devoted their time to taking us on trips and vacations, so it was really fun! That’s one of the reasons I love traveling and visiting new places. I got that from my dad.


Which of your parents did you get your charming looks from?


(Laughter) My dad and mum of course. However, there is always an argument about this; but then God has blessed me with physically attractive parents.


Did anybody including your family try to discourage you from going into beauty pageantry?


No one. My parents were really supportive. In fact, they were exceptionally supportive and I consider myself a very lucky child.


Is this your first shot at beauty pageantry? If not, could you share your experience with us?

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This isn’t my first actually. I was Miss Presco back in secondary school. And I am currently the Most Beautiful Student in Edo State and an ambassador of the state as well.


How did you feel when you emerged Miss  MBGN Tourism last year, and who did you dedicate your crown to?


I felt blessed when I emerged because this isn’t an opportunity that comes easily, but I got it. I would forever be grateful to God. Actually, during the first four months after I was crowned, I always woke up and told myself ‘guy you’re MBGN Tourism, how?” It was unbelievable, I am really happy about it. I dedicate my crown to God almighty.


As MBGN Tourism, what has been the focus of your reign?


The focus is to promote tourism, arts and culture in Nigeria. I also have huge plans with the All Nigerian Festival Committee in Nigeria. You can look them up on google.


Has it always been your dream to be a queen or did you come into pageantry accidentally?


No, I didn’t come into pageantry by accident. It has always been my dream to go into pageantry, even internationally.


You’ve been queen for a while. How would you describe the experience? And what has changed about you?


It has been a roller coaster of emotions. It’s not as hard as I thought it would be, coping with school and everything. But it has been okay. I don’t think anything has changed about me. I only became a bit more private with my life.


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As queen, could you describe your happiest moments?


First, it’s my trip to Ondo State for the Nigeria Travel Week and my other happiest moment was when I became the first ever ambassador for the All Nigerian Festival at Nike Art Gallery.


Now that you are queen, are you still in touch with your old friends?


Oh yes, I am still in touch with some of my old friends.


You will be representing Nigeria at Miss Tourism International in July. What are your expectations, do you believe you have what it takes to bring back the crown?


I am really looking forward to that and I am so excited. By God’s grace, I will be there to  bring back the crown.


What is your advice for youngsters who want to take after you?


My advice for them is to read inspirational books, follow their dreams amd stay focused. Then, they should have a life plan because you’re never too young for that. And lastly, they should have faith and pray always.


When you eventually hand over to another queen, what would you want to be remembered for?


I want to be remembered for the difference I will make in the tourism sector in Nigeria, with the ANF committee.



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