IPOB Threatens Nigerian Army, Governor Uzodinma Over Destruction Of Imo Market



Secessionist group, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has issued a new threat.

The group declared its readiness to engage in a battle with the Nigerian Army and Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State over the recent attack and destruction of the ancient Eke Ututu Market in Imo State.

In a statement by its Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, IPOB lamented that the attack, which it described as ‘unprovoked’, has ruined the livelihoods of many people in the state and beyond.

The separatist group asked if the criminals whom the Nigerian Army claimed it was after own shops and provision stores in the market or stay in the places that the soldiers burnt down.

IPOB described the attack on the market as “abominable”, adding, “but we will endure, and they will regret their actions in the fullness of time”.

“Hope Uzodinma, wait for your recompense because you have crossed the red line by burning down one of the oldest markets in Igbo land,” it said.

The group which further described the attack as a display of occultic action said, “We the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) condemn the recent attacks on Nnewi South LGA  of Anambra State and on old Eke Ututu market located at Orsuihiteukwa in Orlu, in Imo State, Lilu, and Orsumohu in Anambra State by the Nigeria Army deployed by Imo State Supreme Court Administrator Hope Uzodinma.

“Hope Uzodinma is now fully displaying the Vulturic tendencies in him by his wanton spilling of the blood of Imo civilian citizens destroying their homes and burning down their sources of livelihood. What business does the Nigerian Army have with markets in Imo state that they have continued to burn down?

“If the Nigerian army claims they are after criminals, do these criminals own stalls at these markets? Do these criminals stay in those markets that warranted the soldiers to attack and burn down markets that have existed long before their mothers and fathers were born? 

“This wickedness against poor women many of whom are widows fending for their families will sure call down the anger of ancestors and that of Chukwu Okike Abiama on both the perpetrators and those that sent them to destroy the only source of livelihood of our aged mothers, grandmothers and widows the same way he used thunder against the army commander that specialized in murdering innocent Biafran youths at Ohafia Military barracks.

“What was this occultic Hope Uzodinma thinking in attacking innocent women and men doing their legitimate business at the Eke Ututu market? Was it because the people living in that area were those who stood up against Hope Uzodinma’s tyrannical government in Imo State and today he decided to attack them to teach them as payback? Hope Uzodinma, his family, and his APC party will reap the fruits of what he is sowing in Imo state.

“IPOB is warning Hope Uzodinma to stop this barbarism he is executing on behalf of his Fulani masters against Imo people. He MUST go now and rebuild that old market that was the lifeline of the people of Biafra during the Nigerian genocidal war against Biafra otherwise, the ancestors and gods of that market will strike him and those who supported him to destroy one of the oldest markets in Igboland.

“Could it be that the fact that Eke Ututu played a very vital role during the Biafran genocide is the reason the Fulani asked their slave to obliterate the market? Hope Uzodinma you and your generations are surely going to regret what you did to Eke Ututu as the imposed usurper governor of Imo State.

“IPOB condemns totally and unequivocally your barbaric and cowardly attack against Eke Ututu market because it is an abominable act. Hope Uzodinma knew how and why our ancestors came together and constituted markets in our land and today he has decided to challenge our ancestors to a fight. He is going to get his reward shortly from the ancestors, gods of the land, and the Spirits that are packaged in that market will never let him go scot-free. Everyone will see the cost and results of his actions soon.

“Eke Ututu market is one of the oldest markets in Igboland which our ancestors established and must not be desecrated and vandalized by the uncircumcised sent by Mr Hope Uzodinma. Therefore, Hope Uzodinma and the Nigerian army will eat their cakes soon because what they did has spiritual implications.

“They will see it happening and know that Igboland is not alone in this fight for the freedom and independence of the Biafra people. They will soon realize that both the spirit in Igbo land and our ancestors are in sync with Biafrans in our quest to restore our heritage and rebuild the fallen walls.

“IPOB extends our deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of the seven (7) innocent defenseless people that Nigeria army claims to have killed and tagged IPOB and ESN operatives. The Nigerian army MUST STOP this rubbish and face their duties and be reminded that it is against international law to kill unarmed persons.

“These constant massacres of innocent citizens of Igboland and tag them IPOB/ESN in order to justify their crime is condemned in its entirety. IPOB sympathizes with those whose shops were burned and their means of sustenance and livelihood destroyed in a twinkle of an eye.

“IPOB want to urge the families of the innocent people murdered, those who lost their shops, and goods in the market, to be strong and patient as the Spirits of our land and ancestors execute revenge on the perpetrators of the abomination of burning down the Eke Ututu market because you did nothing wrong in your market that warranted this act of barbarism on you.”

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