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J J Rawlings Is Ready To Exposed NDC Bad Evil Deeds [Video]

J J Rawlings Is Ready To Exposed NDC Bad Evil Deeds [Video]


Jerry John Rawlings, Founder of the opposition National Democratic Congress has vowed to reveal the vile actions of some members of his party in his new book, ABC News can report.

Former President Rawlings stressed that the book will point out the bad deeds of members of the party since 2008, particularly, how some persons and their cronies monetised the party and took control of the electoral system to remain in power.

The NDC Founder hinted that the book, which has been completed, will chronicle the NDC’s road to victory in 2008 and how the party has been managed in the last decade since then.

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“The book will make serious discoveries and some of the bad deeds that happened in the NDC, especially after we were able to win political power in 2008,” he divulged.

“They monetised the electoral process so that they would keep you broke whilst they would stay in power with their cronies as they enjoy for you to suffer,” Former President Rawlings stated, ABC News can report.

John Rawlings disclosed this at the National Cadres Conference held at Ejisu in the Ashanti Region on the theme, “Effective Mobilization and Organisation for Victory 2020: The Role of Cadres’.

The book, which is titled, ‘The Triumph of Evil’, according to the founder of the opposition party will detail how they toiled and struggled to kick the governing out of Office in 2008 to make sure that late Professor Atta-Mills and the NDC won back power.

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Addressing the gathering he averred, “My book, which I have successfully finished writing, will make serious exposure about what is going on in the NDC. It will specifically talk about our struggles to win the 2008 elections and afterwards.”

“I have titled the book ‘The Triumph of Evil’ and I am making frantic efforts to get it launched for everybody to see and know what really happened in the party after attaining political power and afterwards.”

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The former President, who was in power for two terms after being democratically elected observed that he has had calls from some members of his power not to release the book before the 2020 elections for fear it could hamper their fortunes.

Much to the appreciation of the gathering, the founder of the party mentioned that “fear and panic has already gripped some NDC leading members” insisting that “so some top NDC people have been begging me not to launch the book”.

The Former President was adamant that, “The domineering class should not be made to live above the law because a domineering class could easily be corrupted. The domineering class doesn’t live above the law in the West and it should be replicated here.”

It was at the same event that the Former President submitted that the creation of the Oti Region was as a result of the neglect that the people of northern Volta had endured during the Mills-Mahama 8-year administration of the country.

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“Some Cadres came to see me about the division that was about to take place, serious-minded people like you to come and see me in this issue obviously expect me to also say something about it” Former President Rawlings asserted when he addressed a gathering of Cadres in Kumasi.

“They suffered there for almost eight years, didn’t you think a politician will take advantage of this situation,” the founder of the NDC went on to say, ABC News can report.


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