Man Shares Miraculous Testimony Of How He Was Cured Of Stage 4 Lungs Cancer


A Nigerian man has shared a miraculous story of how his friend was healed of stage 4 lung cancer after years of battling smoking addiction.

The man identified as @mayessq on Twitter took to the platform to narrate how they thought his friend was high on drugs during a smoking session after claiming his cloth was wet and they found him dry as harmattan.

Read the life-changing story he shared below:

“When I still smoked, we had this spot around Garki marrket where we lit up. Myself, Fred, Leke & ‘Vlad’. We were rolling up to smoke per usual one time when Leke suddenly said he felt wet all over like he had just taken a bath. He kept saying his shorts were soaked but we could-

-see it wasn’t. The rest of us joked that all the smoking had damaged his brain, and he left angry ‘cos he really said he could feel wetness on his clothes & all. We smoked without him that day. Three days later, we met up to go check him up at home ‘cos none of us had heard-

-from him since that episode. Ah, we approached Leke’s house and heard someone praying in tongue with such intensity & frenzy, and tho we recognised his raspy voice, we refused to believe the ‘idiot’ was actually speaking in tongues, as per how?  Lol. But, he was and didn’t-

-pause/stop when we walked in smelling like roasted goats. After a while, he stopped praying and turned to look at us with a mix of excitement & sadness in his eyes. Then he shared his incredible encounter with the Holy Spirit.

He said he got home that fateful day, took off what he had on, put on something else but as soon as he got to his gate while heading back to join us, he felt those fresh clothes were equally soaked! At this point, he said, he was scared.   So the mumu boy drank codeine to-

‘calm down’, & fell off into a restless semi-sleep. He said it felt more like a trance than a dream but he saw himself inbetween two huge beings. One dressed in a remarkable robe with colors he couldn’t quite place & the other who looked drab and ready to pounce on him.

The one in a robe spoke to him & sounded like “several rushing waters”, but the sound was calm and the words were soothing. He said He told him he had cancer & would die from it if he didn’t right his ways with God. The dreadful one never uttered a word, just looked at him with-

– a devilish smirk on its face. He said he woke up and because he didn’t know how to REALLY pray, he moved from one chapter to another in Psalms grasping for some strength. Suddenly, his room door burst open and he heard a rushing wind come through, immediately it touched him-

-he fell asleep AGAIN & went into another dream/trance-like state. He said he found himself walking on hot coals that didn’t burn and incredibly he picked some and put in his mouth as instructed by a disembodied voice that kept speaking to him & instructing him!

Then he woke up PRAYING IN TONGUES! That he went outside his flat in confusion STILL PRAYING IN TONGUES but when neigbours looked at him funny (immoral Leke, lol), he went back inside and prayed and cried some more. After a while, he said he had such clarity & hunger for more.

He called his mom who prayed with him over the phone, then he continued praying though not in tongues this time, only stopping to drink water or eat till he fell asleep intermittently. He said he was stammering around what he hoped was acceptable prayer on the third day when we-

-walked in on him. His excitement was because he was again speaking in tongues, he knew what that was & what it meant. Our small group kinda always had this ‘God consciousness’ but we were way too carried away with the world we were living in. Leke stopped smoking & drinking-

-from then till now, & when we went for a test, he was told he had lung cancer. I think it was then that it really hit us, even him. The rest of us made a pious show of quitting, too, but e no last. Omo, I still smoked till about a year & some months later sha.

Leke went for consultations and ran several tests over his cancer result, but here’s the thing: he never took any drugs for it. The doctors just couldn’t find the cancerous cells after a few months. Last night, he called me on the phone crying and commiserating with me over-

-the recent death of my mom from cancer complications. He said he felt terrible & shouldn’t have let us grow apart even when the rest of us kept smoking, drinking & womanising. He prayed with me & assured me of God’s love, & all of that really. It is well.

Well, so this thread blew up. Praise God. I want to believe God made it so because there are some in this replies/mentions that He wants to convict. God is real & you can know Him through his revealed words, praying & fellowshipping. The Holy Spirit is even NOW with you! Amen!”

Stephen Emmanuel
Stephen Emmanuel


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