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New Wife Caught Having S3x With Ex-Boyfriend On Their Wedding Night In Zimbabwe

A nurse at Claybank Hospital in Gweru is battling for shame after she was recently caught in bed with another man on her wedding night.

The sex starved Kudzai Juliet Mudema and her husband Progress Walusi were both student nurses at Gweru General Hospital and are said to have begun their marriage on the rocks, as Kudzai is reported to have bedded her ex-boyfriend at the duo’s honeymoon.

A move which has since been confirmed by the hubby via leaked Whatsapp chats in possession of this publication

In the verified leaked Whatsapp chats Walusi and Kudzai’s sister Nyasha Mudema are discussing the infidelity matter.

The chat starts with Walusi saying, “…I’m hurt Gulez more than hurt, as l am texting you so tears are flowing down my cheeks. The last time yandakachema(i cried out) was 2009 when my mum passed away.

“…You know us very well ndichimuregerera you are the best person to testify kuti ndakambozama because l always confided in you, Fracas dzese dzana Bule, abortion dzake l forgave her and opened a new chapter. If you check those chats it was barely two months into the marriage anga akutohura.

“In as much as l love her wholeheartedly, for that l think in life there comes a time when tough decisions have to be made. I am doing this with a bleeding heart but l guess it’s the only way to go.

“Kana tazofungawo kuti tingadzokerawo hamenowo kumberi ikoko but for now better we go our separate ways …”

In response Nyasha says, “Neniwo ndirikutoshaya pekutangira nenyadzi chaidzo. But ari kukumbira ruregerero wani please forgive her … I know and understand what you are going through and would not want to coerce you into a premature decision but l just feelthere could be another chance.

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Kudzai might have escaped divorce after their honeymoon but still continues to skate on thin ice bedding yet other men.

Contacted for comment Kudzai’s number was not reachable as she is in Namibia where she is said to be pleading for mercy from her husband.

Naijatweet  is also reliably informed that Kudzai has since resigned from Claybank last month as the hubby was organizing a new job for her in Namibia.

It is not clear if the plan will prevail with the situation at hand.

Speaking about his wife’s past, Walusi was reluctant to discuss with this publication delicate issues pertaining to his madam’s private liaisons with her former lover;

“I know and very much respect the nature of your job(journalism) but whatever happened to us it’s a thing of the past. What she did back then is now in the past, she is and will remain my wife,” he said.

“We are trying to deal with our situation and we are doing just fine..but whoever is behind this has a score to settle after all its our personal life,” he added

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