Nigerian Woman Begs For Loan To Bail Brother Languishing In Oyo Police Cell For Protesting 8 Months Ago


Adesina Adekemi

Adesina Adekemi, a Nigerian woman, has urged Nigerians to help her get back her brother, Adesina Ayobami Ademuyiwa, who was taken away by the Nigeria police eight months ago for participating in the #EndSARS protest.

The lady took to her Facebook page to seek a loan of N300 000 for her brother’s bail, noting that a lawyer said his bail is set at N300,000.

“Good morning everyone, here is my brother, Adesina Ayobami Ademuyiwa; he was abducted by the Nigeria police 8 months ago (for participating in the EndSARS protest).

“We have been battling in court since then. Knowing how the Nigerian judicial system is, we have spent a lot. There is no week we don’t visit the prison or even send money to him. This is someone who just started his life; his wife and children are now in the village, pending when he comes out.

“I spoke to the lawyer and he said bail is set at N300, 000, I really don’t know where to get this money to bail my brother out, because everyone I can get from, I already owe them.

“Please if you can loan me the money or if you know anyone who can loan me the N300, 000 to secure his bail, I will pay it back.

“I’m tired of hearing him cry, I’m tired of hearing my mum cry over this issue, I’m tired of seeing an innocent young girl suffer in the village because her husband is nowhere, I’m tired of seeing his children without their father, I’m tired of turning into a debtor every day, just to keep him a life,” she said.

Meanwhile, there was a screenshot of a tweet dated November 16, 2020 on her page which reads, “My brother is still in Oyo State SARS headquarters for participating in the last EndSARS protest. No one is saying anything, his wife had forced labour last night because of this issue. Help please.”

Ademuyiwa was arrested for participating in the October 2020 EndSARS protest.

Stephen Emmanuel
Stephen Emmanuel


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